Saturday, December 31, 2005


Do you know what's amazing?

The way humans behave differently than all the other creatures in the world. Any other animal going out it's way for another being is just unfathomable but humans do it all the time, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically.

Staying up after I'm too tired to think strait to draw a picture for one of my dearest friends; totaly human. You can't get more human than that.

And that's amazing.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

New pictures

With color! [Rainbow] and [Lupe]

The last couple days have been fun, 'cept for the part where our power was out half of yesterday. But Kim stayed over the night before like and we played the SIms 2 with the new expansion packs. And tonight I'm going over to my friend Amanda's house.

Ohhhh, Reapersun has a contest to draw Yaoi Boy and the first three winners get a commision by her. <3 That would make me so happy. But the entries are so good. I could never compete. Oh well. -sigh-

Thinking of buying a t-shirt by Zeda, as seen [here]. They're only fifteen bucks, and it would be my favorite clothing item EVER.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Internet

The internet is FABULOUS. In no other way could I be talking to possibly the coolest guy on earth, who happens to be asking my opinion on whether he should wear cologne or cinnamon scent. NO OTHER WAY. We take the internet for granted. Thank God we're not Amish.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Have a Gay Christmas!

LAWL. Merry=Happy=Gay. Clever me. Anways.

I got a new computer! It's really fast and I also got a printer/scanner/fax machine to go with it. It works really well. I also got the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dvd, which I swear to God I will NEVER GET TIRED OF. We made a gingerbread house at my aunt's, and one side of the roof broke so we had to make a new one out of grahm crackers. At my demand we only used two on each side and I nibbled a half-circle out of one side of each. Now it looks like something came crashing through the roof and left a hole.

Can you all say; Glass elevator?

I tried out my new scanner and it works pretty nicely, so I started the 100 Themes Challenge. (More info about the themes challenge here.)

[Hold my Hand]

Friday, December 23, 2005

God is cruel.

Proven by these points;

1) When you're in a relationship already, random guys in grocery stores and barber shops seem a LOT hotter.
2) When you're tired, a fifteen pound weight seems a LOT bigger.
3) When you've eaten too much already and you feel sick, tasty food becomes a LOT more available.


On a different note, I actaully colored the picture of Babylon, Eloette, and Yellow. [Cyuuuute]

Monday, December 19, 2005

Lykomg Vacation.

Vacation break. Today I watched Monty Python and the Meaning of Life, ate a cheesy tortilla thing I made in the microwave, and fought with my tablet. Lost the stylus tip. Found the stylus tip. Still doesn't work right. T_T

Anyways, still no more word from Caitlyn, and... and... -sniff- Antinonconformist says she's going on haitus. (the most dreaded word in the online universe) Who will make me feel special while she's gone?

But, on the bright side, I scanned a drawing I did awhile ago that I really like and added some bland colors in PSP8. Not actually colored, of course. [Like a Family]

The kittyboy mecha is Babylon, the mecha being leaned on by said kittyboy mecha is Yellow, the little girl is Eloette.


Saturday, December 17, 2005

I Love Deviantart

For a long time after joining Deviantart I was discouraged because it's not easy to get comments there. I was really, really disapointed. But unlike sane people I didn't leave the site, oh no, I went into crazy foaming wanna-be artist mode and tried to learn rom all my idols and draw like them. I said tom myself, "Okay, I have no comments on this drawing and she has 96 six comments on that one. I can get there.

It helped, it really did. I got a lot better but what helped even more was the discovery of making friends on DevArt. Antinonconformist has been so sweet to me lately, I feel that I really need to make a link to her. She's so nice and origional and creative, I love her to death. And my first friedn on DevArt ever, Silver-Winged-Demon has put up with my craziness for longer than she ought to have. ^_^;; And T-Daimon is very very cool. And hot. He gets trampled by fangirls daily, and he's vain enough to say it. x3 Anticon loves to tease him, and I can see why. And, of course, my rl friend Amanda is awsome too.

I have more people I want to metnion but I'm tired of typing. And my brother made mac and cheese for everyone but me and I'm hurt. Geez. T_T

My old friend Caitlyn

In elementry school I had a best friend named Caitlyn Miller. Nobody liked us, and especially Caitlyn (because she sucked on her hair so she had a bald spot on the back of her head) but we didn't care. We dug up and replanted grass at recess and dug holes under the roots of trees, and called them Hobbit holes, and also we tried to emmorise the Spanish numbers 1-10. We thought we were cool enough.

And then in fifth grade she was taken from her family and put into a foster home, so we lost contact. I was very lonely for the rest of the year, and I changed schools in sixth grade. But now I'm in 10th grade, a sophomore, and I just got an email from Caitlyn Miller, wondering if I'm the same Carmen who was her best friend in Elementary school. I have been looking high and low on the internet for her and she found me first. x3

Thursday, December 15, 2005


New layout! Yee! It took nearly an hour and a half to get the background positioned right and over two hours to draw. Oh the things I do on sick days. >_> The rest of the layout is really just premade, because I don't feel like grappling with html.

I drew Yellow, Babylon and Eloette but I can't upload it because like I said earlier, my scanner's not working. I'm going to explain them anyways.

Their story is set in a futuristic Tokyo. Yellow is a mecha doll that Eloette gets for Christmas (mecha dolls are robots designed to look and behave exactly like humans). They're best friends until a few years later, when Eloette is ten. The new fad is fighting mechas, so she asks for one for her birthday. She always gets what she wants and her parents buy her a fighting mecha named Babylon. He's a cat-person mecha, and he is the personification of cat attitude.

Babylon hardly ever talks because his cat-side merits most of his behavior. HE loves to fight and wrestle and tear apart entire couches in three minutes flat, and he'll ignore you unless you adress him, and then he'll probably still ignore you. The only one he's affectionate to is Yellow. This is bad, because Yellow is tremendously bitter at Babylon for stealing Eloette's affection from him.

This is some kind of strange <3 triangle, isn't it? Well, petxowner love. Why is there no word for that? o_O

Eloette <3 Babylon
Babylon <3 Yellow
Yellow <3 Eloette


Off-topic... proof that there are guys in the world who draw really girly anime cutesy things. [link] He's got some looooow self-esteem though. He points out a million things wrong in his picture descriptions and I can nevers see any of them. Poor guy. -patpat- Everyone else thinks you're awsome.


I wanted to scan some stuff but I couldn't because the scanner isn't working. When I was testing the 'Import from Scanner or Camera' It started getting feed from a webcam somewhere in my dad's room. So I was like, 'Webcam? O_O' And I found it, and I played with it for far longer than a modest person would have. Got pictures!


Me and my kitten, Yoda(female)

Kitten trying to nurse on the back of my head


More kitten

Kitten hunting the pointer

You know those things on the bottom of some webpages that count the exact amount of seconds it took the page to load to prove to you that their site is fast? Well, Deviantart has one, and here's what it says.
"The collective rectum has expelled this page in a mere (however many) seconds."
Creative. x3

For Illustration Friday!

I'm really tired so I'll make this short. I have two entries for [Illustration Friday] and the theme is SURPRISE. IKnowItsNotSupposedToBeAllCapsShutUp. >_>

[Entry One] (already drawn)
[Entry Two] (drawn for the site)

It felt like cheating to just use the unicorn one since I already drew it before I knew the theme. So I made another one. Badly.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pollus and Pascale

Lawl! [Cyute] I drew this with seemingly no connection form my brain to my hand. I really don't know what's going on here, except that Pascale is looking up Pollu's skirt and Pollu is like o_O; Even my friend Amanda said that it's cute which is a big deal because she usually disses my guys in dresses. x3

And check out the improvement over my last Klar fanart, [here]. Technical improvement. I don't care that you like the old soft fluffy colors better. People telling me that my old art is better thna my new art HURTS MY SOUL. I don't know how people think it's a compliment, ot that they're making me feel better, or something. Really. Just like the new stuff so I can trick myself into thinking my life is going somewhere.

(BTW, Someone has to comment on my blog sometime. Maybe in two hundred years, but I swear to God I'll still be watching and waiting.)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Tablet Fairy has it out for me.

On an off-note, I've listened to the song 'Land Locked Blues' by Bright Eyes over a hundred times since I've downloaded it. Okay, now for the point.

Right after I drew [this] my tablet decided it had enough of me and died. The stylus had already had problems, like the fact that it occasionally stuck and I had to pull the point out and put it back in. Now, it sticks every time I push down hard which sucks because I need to use the pressure sensitivity for the oil paints on OpenCanvas. So, no more art.

And then I went back into my room after leaving it alone for an hour to try it again and THE POINT WAS MISSING. So I scour my floor and desk for twenty minutes and finally find it, and of course it hasn't gotten any better. Dear God, I hate tablets so much.

The bright side of everything is that I saw Narnia with my friend Kim for her birthday and it was good. And also she had good cake, and also we watched all 12 episodes of some yaoi that I remember almost NOTHING about, but I think it was cute. And the anime Angel Sanctuary SUCKS so bad I refused to watch it, because people keep saying that it's yaoi and it's not and it makes my stomache feel all green and gives me de-ja-vu.

And I'm designing a futuristic Tokyo. My mom is adjusting to the fact that whenever she takes me places I follow her around and point out that in future Tokyo, you dont have to drag rolls of fabric across the store and lasers cut SO much better than scissors and old ladies and I need sleep really bad. -_-;;


Friday, December 09, 2005

-le gasp-

My friend Haley told me the other day that someone had told her that Marylin Manson is dead. She loves Marylin Manson, although I don't share her sentiments, I would never have the heart to tell her. Anyways, I said 'Don't worry, I'm sure they're lying.' She agreed. But I told her I'd look it up anyways.


Lawl, nah. It's a joke page. FREAK OUT. It would be funny to show Haley though. Awsome.

[MM Memorial page] PH3AR.


I just realized how horribly sad my Deviantart gallery is. Because not only do I have very few comments on my drawings, but I don't even have the benefit of PAGEVIEWS. Most people have at least 20 pageviews on each drawing plus a couple favorites, but mine have about an average of 1 fave per drawng and maybe two comments at a streatch, and 15 pageviews with luck.

I really do think I might have been banned and nobody's gotten around to telling me yet. So anyways, I storm out of my room and stand in the kitched and yell at the world in general, "I know the problem! ...Well, one of the problems is that there aren't enough people standing around on the off-chance that I'll say something. But that's not the thing now. The thing is that the only pictures that get comments are fanart!"

That's what drives people to the y!gallery. I know it is. If you can draw better than a seven year old you get heaps and heaps of comments, even if all they say is -drool-. THE Y!GALLERY IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTANCE! I miss Zeda, and Reapersun, and Korone. The garbage is eating them aliiive.

-chill- So I draw cute shounen-ai to be happy again. You can pretend the long haired one is a girl.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Veruca/Charlie? o_O

[Yeah, seriously.]

In the origional Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the kids that played in the movie all got together again to do the commentary. They said that the girl who played Violet and the girl who played Veruca had a constant rivalry over the boy who played Charlie while they were filming. SO, being insane, I started pairing up the kids in the new movie. This, actually, is not one of the pairings.

Or maybe it is. I thought Veruca/Mike because I didn't want to put Charlie in one of my crazy pairs. He already has enough crazy pairs from other people. -coffMikeCharliecoff- -chokeWilyCharliechoke- And because I don't like Violet, and Augustus and Mike are out of the question. And then I got confused. And then I drew this. >_>

[UPDATE: It got two comments on Devart! Cool! ^_^]

Quick drawing of my old lion character, Loor. She's wearing a cross because a man came to the jungle to try to teach the animals about Jesus Christ. (inspired by the guy who jumped in the lion's cage at the zoo to convert them x3)



Pros and Cons of Being Robbie
Good comments: 3
Bad comments: 2

Story rerailed, as opposed to derailed, which is was. I have an audience and nobody will tell me otherwise. Fffft. It might take awhile to actualy continue it, thought, because I'm lazy and busy with Christmas art, which I am neglecting. Oh for I am so neglectful.

Gorillaz fanart for Amanda, Scary men in dresses for Haley, cute things and used anime dvds for Sayla, Something with kitties for Nikki(#2), can't think of anything for HannahMindyTaylorAlisha ect ect ect... hard to shop for friends... oh geez, parents and brothers. >_> Bah. Christmas.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dear God. o_O

I read this Willy Wonka fanfiction before. I know I did. I read it before the new Willy Wonka came out, and I was reading this fanfiction about two years ago and thinking... "Dear God! I read this before I rented the movie. I didn't understand it. And now I do." But I'm going insane because this angst one-shot is based on the new movie, but I could swear to God I read it before, twice.

Can you say; Cracked?

Finally got my mom to watch the new Willy Wonka movie. She likes the movie and thought it was funny, but she cannot bring herself to like Willy himself. She likes some of the things he does (like saying, "You know why? You know why?" like a little kid.) but overall she doesn't like him. I blame it on the random person online who said in their blog that Willy Wonka reminds them of Michael Jackson. Ruined it for my mom. I wish I could scold them for it, but she cant remember where the blog is.

I just love the new Veruca. Cute little girl pouty face and fake innocent smile... cuter than fluffy little unicorns... Ah, the adorable! It burns my cornias! And Mike was cute in a mean little kid way, and Violet was a little evil but I couldn't help liking her too. Even Augustus Gloop was likeable. I was sorry to see them all go. T_T But I lovelovelovelove Willy Wonka most of all. He is forgiven for everything evil he does, like that plotting, lying expression he has when Augustus gets sucked up the pipe... -glare-

I'm gonna go back to reading weird and badly written fanfiction now. Thank you for your misused time. ^_^

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Eloette, Yellow's 'owner'.

[Been waiting all day for your visit...]

In some-what relation to this, I've changed all Yellow's stuff. He looks the same, with a bit shorter bangs... maybe changing colors too. But his new story is that it's the future, in Tokyo, and these mecha sort of things are sold like very expensive barbies. More like Super Dolfies, but with cheap pink boxes like barbies. Yellow is one of them.

So it's the Christmas season and mecha dolls (which I will think of a better name for) are more popular than Tickle-me Elmos ever were. A rich seven year old girl named Eloette wants Yellow for Christmas, so she walks by the shop every day to look into his gaudy pink cardboard box and tell him that she'll be taking him home soon.

She gets him, and Yellow becomes victom to tea parties and games of dress-up and being forced to reach high places when Eloette cant. Cocute. x3 I think he eventualy gets replaced by a new mecha doll named Babylon, but I'll get to that later. And... if you can't tell, the picture is from Yellow's POV, looking at Eloette from his box in the shop window.

Hello, my loyal followers.

Went to the library, got the two Willy Wonka books and the Ramona books I haven't read yet. (Romana Forever and Ramona's World). Tried to get Lolita but it wasn't there, also was frowned upon by parental figure. Curse those parental figures.

Cleaned the bathroom. I swear to God it seemed like there was pee in the corner of the OPPISITE END OF THE BATHROOM relative to the toilet. Dear God that was so not worth ten dollars. The mirror is my new best friend. Nobody pees on the mirror.

On a completely different note I wrote a poem.

Tokyo, by Carmen Aistrup
The world was pink and black and white,
and spun with warping neon light,
who's children wandered, sheltered,
shadows, 'gainst a glowing,
Tokyo night.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cakes, again.

Muchmuch better drawing of Cakes, the unicorn boy, with new and improved markings.


I can't believe I drew something. I thought I was going to be lost in Willy Wonka fanfic for weeks. o_O This was partly inspired by a sketch montage that Klar's friend (maker of unicorn Di) put together of Klar's sketches. [So cute it blinds me] I want to steal her nose style, I really do.

Friday, December 02, 2005



Robbie's story has gotten;
Flames; 2
Compliments; 1

And the compliment came from my mom. I'll go do something else with my life now. Like draw Denis and Armand again. LykeOmG datz grosse2!!!!!11one.
Yes, well, let me have my insanity, I can't keep it when I grow up. And also, I think I've fallen in love with chatspeak for non-serious use. (see incomprehensable sentance above)

Also, for the sake of the filmakers of Interview with a Vampire and their police record, I forgive them for not getting Denis right. They can now sleep soundly knowing I hold nothing against them for not being perfectly literal to the book.

We just dont condone that kind of thing. In this country.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Pros and Cons of Being Robbie", Chapter Two

I'm actually a little embaressed about this chapter, because my shounen-ai tendencies are begining to show. I do think it's pretty realistic, though, because kids are always doing weird things like getting 'married'. I think I followed the thought-process of an eight-year old boy well enough to pull this off but if anyone thinks I flunked it, please speak up. I do love critique, I swear I don't bite.

Or you can read it on my fictionpress account, which loads really. really. frickin. slowly. So if it's not there, it will be eventually.

(And you canNOT say that I'm making my little boy characters gay, because I will insist to my dying days that no matter what I make happen later, this. doesn't. count. Okay.)


"Pros and Cons of Being Robbie"
by Carmen Aistrup
Chapter 2: Fifty Cent Proposal

"When did you get married, mom?" Robbie asked his mom, who was sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee while he flipped through a scrapbook on the living room floor.

The scrapbooks have lived on the bottom shelf of the entertainment center for as long as Robbie could remember. He always thought they looked like spellbooks that you would find in an ancient Egyption temple, or pyramid, or something. They were almost scary, but Robbie would never be scared by books.

"Lets see... three years before I had you... I was twenty-six," his mom replied. He looked up at her. She appeared deep in thought. "Long time time ago."

"Yeah," said Robbie. "I miss dad."
His mom nodded. "I do too," she said, and Robbie was surprised. Well, obviously his mom missed her husband, but he had never thought about how his mom felt. He felt bad for her, but at the same time it was nice to know he wasn't alone.

"Oh, those are the wedding pictures, aren't they? Bring it over," his mom said, startling Robbie out of his train of thought.

He brought the book over obediantly and sat down beside his mom. They looked at the pictures together, rarely saying anything, but it was a comfortable silence.

Robbie noticed that his parenst looked happy in every picture. He supposed it must be wonderful to get married, because it would be like being able to watch your favorite show ALL the time instead of only on Wednesdays, or an lifetime supply of your favorite cereal.

"Do you have to be old to get married?" Robbie asked, and his mom laughed. Robbie blushed. "What's funny?" he demanded.

"Nothing. It's just that twenty-six isn't considered old by adult standards. But no. You don't have to be old, you don't even have to be twenty-six, but it helps. It also helps to get the permision of your spouse's parents, which I almost wasn't able to do."

Robbie was stunned. "Why?"

"I was a lot different when I was younger. I was pretty strange... I had some strange hobbies and ideas. And I wanted to travel. And they thought Howard... your dad-"

"I know his name, I'm not a baby," Robbie interrupted.

"Sorry, Rob. I know. Anyways, they thought he was too young for marriage. I was twenty-six but he was only twenty-two."

"That's old," Robbie said matter-of-factly. "Anyways, you don't need them to let you get married. When you're older than eighteen you can do whatever you want."

"I know," his mom said, "But it makes it easier. I wanted his family to like me and treat me like one of them. And they did, eventually."

"How did you change their minds?" Robbie asked, fascinated.

His mom smiled. "I told them that it was okay. If Howard was too young, I would wait. If I was too different, I would change. If I had to spend my Tokyo trip travel money on their grandchildren's college fund, I would do it in a heartbeat. And then they said, go ahead. No waiting neccesary."

"But why?"

"Because I was going to be a good wife and mother, and they could tell. That's all I needed to do," she said. "And now... hey... what's happening... oh no! I think mean mom is coming back!"

Robbie gasped. "No, not mean mom!" He didn't really mean it. It was just part of the game. His mom seemed to puff herself and roared like a loose gorilla. "Bed time, Robbie!" she bellowed. "You'd better get in your room before I WHOOP your butt! Now SCOOT!"

Robbie shrieked in pretend fear and ran down the hall, chased by his mother.

"WHHHHAAAAARRRRRRR!" Robbie laughed as he swerved right into his room and dove into the bed. He hid under his covers and peered out.

It was a tradition they had perfected nearly every bedtime for the past three years. His mom pretended to collapse in the doorway, panting. "What... what happened...?" she said.

She stood up and looked at Robbie, who was still under the blanket. "What a good boy, already in bed at bedtime!"

Robbie giggled. His mom blew him a kiss and Robbie reached out his hand from under the blanket and pretended to catch it. "Good night, Robbie," she said.

"G' night, mom," he said. His mom switched off the light and shut the door. Robbie's automatic nightlight sprung to life. He always hid it under the bed when he had company, and he didn't really need it, but it was comfortable.

He shifted over onto his side and thought about marriage. Robbie wanted to get married. He'd learned quite a bit about marriage from television and decided that he could pull it off just fine. He already knew that he wanted to marry Jack, so he didn't have to date or anything.

He knew that usualy boys married girls, but he had seen a show once called 'First Comes Love' where two guys got married. Anyways, it was probably better. Just love and none of the yicky baby making stuff. And, although he knew better, he couldn't repress the thought that girls had cooties and he probably wouldn't get any cooties from kissing Jack.

He tried to think about it more, but then he fell asleep.


Two weeks later, Robbie was trying to run all the way to Jack's house, but it was over three blocks away and he was tired by the second block. He had wanted to hurry because today was very important. He was going to propose.

He wad waited two whole weeks because he'd needed to buy a ring. Every week, when his mom took him grocery shopping, she gave him a quarter to buy a gumball form the candy and toy dispensers. So instead of spending his quarter last week he'd saved it, and this week he bought a ring from the fifty cent ring machine.

He'd taken it out of the plastic bubble because it made it look cheap. That wasn't true; fifty cents was no sum to sneeze at, as Robbie's mom would say.

He finally got to Jack's house and bounced up the porch steps. He banged on the metal screen door, because the other door was always open during the day and the doorbell had been broken since Jack and his family moved in.

Thunder of socked feet from inside the house. Jack sock-slid the last few feet to the door and threw it open with a bang and a grin. Jack had a grin that most adults would think of as the perfect little boy's smile, wide and sincere.

Robbie grinned back. Robbie did not have the perfect little boy's smile. His smile made his nose wrinkle a little bit, and no matter how much time he spent trying to fix it with a mirror, one side out his mouth always went up higher than the other.

"Hi! I rented the Mario game again. We can play later. Hey, why are you here so early? It's before breakfast!"

"Got something important to ask," explained Robbie.

Robbie heard Jack's mom shout from the kitchen, "Robbie, is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me!" Robbie yelled back.

"I'll make you some eggs, too. Do you like scrambled?"


"Come in so I dont have to shout," she replied.

So Robbie went inside. He and Jack went down the hallway and stopped in the kitchen doorway. "Good morning, Mrs. Phillips, ma'am," said Robbie, very politely. He wanted to be on Jack's mom's good side, and although he thought he already was, he just wanted to be safe.

"Why, aren't you Mr. Polite this morning? Well, you and Jack go play. I'll call you when breakfast is ready."

Robbie was relieved. He could be polite, but it was hard for him and anyways it sounded like Jack's mom was teasing him. Adults are meaner than kids because you could never be sure if an adult's teasing you or not. Sometimes it just seems like it, and sometimes they are and you don't even know.

In Jack's room, the both jumped onto the twin bed and bounced a couple of times before settling down, old bedsprings creaking nervously back into place. Robbie leaned against the wall while Jack leaned over the gap to the tv shelf, fiddling with wires to get his Gamecube plugged back in.

"Hey Jack?"

"Yeah?" said Jack, still messing with the Gamecube.

"Have you ever thought about marriage?" Robbie asked, tentatively. "Like, getting married, maybe."

Jack sat back, apparently satisfied with the octopus of wires. Robbie watched as the game's start screen appeared with some cheerful music, but Jack made no move for the controller. Robbie was glad to have his friend's undivided attention, at last.

"Nah, not really. Why?"

Robbie was nervous. He picked at the blanket he was sitting on. "Will you marry me?" he blurted out, before he lost his nerve.

He wondered if it was going to be like one of those sad movies where the other person said no. He wondered what heartbreak felt like, but he didn't wonder too much. He didn't want to know. The long silence made him worry more. Oh, this is it, he thought. He's gonna say no! "Jack?" he coaxed quietly.

"Yes!" Jack cried, and the next thing Robbie knew, Jack was hugging him. Robbie laughed, relieved. He felt like saying thanks, but nobody did that in movies.

"Oh! I almost forgot!" Robbie said, and dug into his pocket. He pulled out the ring and put it on Jack's finger. It didn't fit on his ringfinger, but it was perfect on his thumb. It was probably the best ring in the machine, Robbie thought boastfully, except for maybe the fancy ring in the middle of the display that nobody ever got.

It was a silver band with a little pink stone in it. It was simple but nice. Robbie hoped Jack wouldn't think it was too girly.

But apperently he didn't, or if he did he didn't care, because he leaned over and kissed Robbie on the cheek. Robbie was stunned, but happy, and embaressed. He blushed.

"Boys! Breakfast's ready!"

They both hopped off of the bed and ran out to eat. Because Robbie didn't know what was expected of people who where engaged, other than have the wedding, he and Jack just played video games for the the rest of the morning. And that was alright, because Robbie liked video games.