Thursday, April 27, 2006

Poor Dolly

Robot, for Illustration Friday.
. . .

Look what she's done to her poor dolly's hair.
We'll just have to throw it away."
. . .

Strangely morbid sentance that popped into my head. x3 I spent SO LONG on this drawing. My hand hurts. x_X I like the way it tunred out though. Strongly inspired by Hagelstram and Aubrey Beardsley.

If you cant tell, it's some kind of life size mecha/barbie thing that some kid destroyed.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blog Change [EDIT]

I'm going to change the layout of my blog. :3 I'll be editting it for awhile. Excuse the mess. Have you noticed that the example layouts have blogs that are completely in gibberish, or some other language? I keep noticing the word 'wankeing' in the title. XD

[EDIT] Well, that didn't take long, eh? It's pretty freaking girly. And the Loveless* pictures all over the top of it... @_@ There used to be Loveless pictures in the beackground too but the repeat looked wonky so I took 'em out. How can a show with only one female character (who isn't even in the canon pairing) be so BRIGHT and PINK?

That's the cover of the first manga. Point proven. Anyways, enjoy my new layout, and, um, read my blog and stuff. :3

*for those non-geeks out there, Loveless is an anime that recently came out in America. ^.^ Issu SoubixRitsuka loooove... :girly sigh:

WHOAH man.

I'm totally rocking out to Shattered and Firestarter with every evidence of enjoyment. This is why I'm not 'cool'. Lawl.

Today I drew Seth and Sabbath (Zeda's characters. Zeda is my idol, so I drew them a few times, and my friend Selah became obsessed. During math class last term she made me draw them in different poses EVERY DAY. I've drawn them so many times it's become as natural as sleeping.) today, because Selah's decided I haven't been working hard enough, apparently. She's be right. I only drew two things I was proud of over break.

Anyways, it's turning out pretty cute. I'll take a picture when I'm done with it. (scanner's broke, thusly nothing of quality posted lately. XD)

"Bite the Big Apple, don't mind the maggots!" -Shattered, The Rolling Stones

Monday, April 17, 2006


I keep trying to post dramatically charged posts and deleteing them before any of my non-existant readers see them. XD I need to get over myself. I've said it enough to other people, it's time for me to take my own advice.

I'm going to stop moping and draw now. Fer real.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Look, it's me.

New id thing with my NEW HAIR. A guy named Ron cut it at Great Clips. :3 Isn't it pimp?

Randomly, this is a conversation between me and Nikki on instant messanger.

Nikki: Your face.
Me: Your mom.
Nikki: Your MOM's face.
Me: ...well, you're wearing a stupid hat. (she doesn't wear hats)
Nikki: Well , you're not even wearing a hat!
Me: Ooooh, that was low. ;_;

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I miss school so hard. I missed most of last week, and half a week before that, because of the most gnarly cold ever. Now it's spring break and I would SELL MY SOUL to see all my friends again. I miss my hallway, and Haley and Alisha and Sarah and Rachel and... :rants endlessly:

My only solace is listening to Marilyn Manson. Loudly. It reminds me of Haley. <3

But they took one of my favorite cds off of Napster. (Graceland, by Paul Simon) Maybe the people who run Napster are racist. Or MAYBE they just want to drive me crazy. -er.

It's a conspiricy.

On the bright side, my friend Kim (who's homschooled) came over and spent the night. We argued and played the Sims 2 and then argued about that. XD But that's what we do. It was a really good time. When she first came over it took her three song to finally notice the Marylin Manson cd I was listening to. "... What are you LISTENING to? x_X" She likes pop. And soft rock. And more pop.

On a closing note... this rant makes my day. That is my EXACT Kingdom Hearts pairing diagram. "Riku --> Sora <--> Kairi" Usually I HATE unrequite, but for some reason KH is the exception. Anyways, this rant is for KH1, and not 2, which is okay because my brother CANNOT FINISH NUMBER TWO. So, you say, why dont I play? Well, I don't play video games. Ever. But he does, so he should really suck less. I JUST DRAW THE FANART. BEATING THE GAME IS NOT MY JOB. >.>

RikuxSora is such a canon unrequite. Too bad it's not even on people's radar.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

XD -editeditedit-

I'm giving my newly found uncle the url to this blog, and I'm editting out this last entry because it's completely retarded. -_-;

What to say....

I'm a good person. -thumbsup!-

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kingdom Hearts Rant

My brother just bought Kingdom Hearts II and I feel that a rant is in order. I mean, the happy kind of rant. Not the angry kind. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the game, but the makers of it... Square and Disney... are evil marketing geniouses.

Those games attract EVERY kind of audience you can think of. Disney fans are either thrilled or horrified. Final Fantasy fans are just thrilled. Anime fans love it, romance fans love it (SoraxKairie is heavily hinted at) and yaoi fans love it too(RikuxSora is almost just as heavily hinted at!)

My little brother Eric isn't particularly interested in Disney, Final Fantasy, anime, yaoi or romance, or even games in general, but he obsessed over this game long before he bought it. He actually did CHORES so earn enough money for it!

What I mean to say is, I'm head over heels for it. I totally just spent the last hour drawing Riku, Sora and Kairi so I could learn how to draw their clothing. XD

this is my background right now! :obsess, obsess:

Omg, tomorrow morning I have to go to the dentist. Ew, I hate dentists. They take things way too personaly, and it makes them mean.

Dentist: Open wide.
Me: -hesitates, grudgingly opens mouth-
Dentist: -slams sharp plastic bits in my mouth and begins probing around-
Me: Ow, wa ha hech?
Dentist: Pardon me?
Me: 'ochin. >_>
Dentist: You don't take care of your teeth. -proceeds to lecture me in a pouty way, saying the exact same thing every dentist has told me every time I've gone-
Me: -doesn't argue, because of all the sharp tools, my relative helplessness, and complete inability to speak with all the plastic tabs digging into my gums-

EVERY TIME. omgwtf. T_T