Thursday, July 06, 2006


My dad nags me about the most retarded things. Like when we went camping and he lectured me about not getting pregnant as a teenager, even though I'm just about the gayest person I know. And today, he nagged me not to leave Rocky Horror Picture Show out where my brothers can get it. I told him that they saw the case and thought it looked stupid. He's like, "But Max is only ten, those images might confuse him."

Do you ever get that internal dialog inside your head of what you really WANT to say that goes alongside what you're actually saying? I do, all the time.

Inside: Omg, shut your face, seeing a guy in drag isn't going to turn your precious little boy into a fag. Lol.
Outside: He saw the case, and said it looked stupid. Don't worry.

Dad: I'm trying to nag nicely.

Inside: Well, it's retarded, so don't tag at all, you prick.
Outside: But it doesn't matter.

Mom: Just agree with him.

Inside: Why doesn't he just agree with me? He's not even worried about a real problem! He needs to get a hobby or something!
Outside: Fine. I agree.

Aaaand... I drew stuff.

btw, the first one is me as a boy. o yah, i bleached my hair, and it does look sort of like that now. the second one is Loor giving Lune a belly rub and the last one is just doodles. :3


Blogger TeenageHermit said...


Lol. I would think your mom would nag you more than your dad, cause that's what most moms do, nag.

That'd be kinda odd to mention pregnancy when camping. Just talk about random. Go from talking about pitching the tent to..pregnancy and sex. lol.

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