Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I did some stuff and said goodbye

AUUUUUU. :SOB: Rachel left for Colorado today. She came over for a couple hours, and so did Jeremy. (he still likes her. I'm torn between being defensive against him and feeling bad for him) We messed around and talked about stuff. It was a pretty good goodbye. Rachel called me from her cellphone like ten minutes after they both left and said she missed me already, and warned me not to go straight over the summer. T_T Of course I wont.

On a lighter note, I went to the mall with my dad. :3 I had to get sandals, so I did, and we have food there, and walked around and stuff. And I bought the whole series of Gankutsuou! :SPAZJOY: Except that as they were closing up I realized that I had one, two, three, and one. X_X So we're gonna go to the other mall tomorrow and get the fourth one, and I'm gonna get my ears and maybe my eyebrow pierced.

My dad's cool. He just put highlights in my hair. I gotta wash the stuff out soon. ^_^

And I drew this. It's me, if, like, I looked cooler. XD


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