Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lol, my mom is a stalker.

XD I went online today and checked my myspace. I had one message and it was from Bettsi. I was like, "o_O My mom has myspace?" She said soemthing like... I love you but stop cussing. And I was like, "Hey, I don't mind you being here, but I don't want to change my page." Anyways, that was weird.

And then I checked my email and I got a review, and it was from Dollmaker, which is one of my mom's usernames. And it was like, Ooohhhhh, how awesome, you rock, sort of thing. XD 's all very encouraging and momly. Actually, she may have meant it. o-o I've decided that my mom is an internet stalker though. XD

OH and btw, my parents steal from hobos. XDDD They found tent poles by a hobo's shopping cart but since they didn't see the hobo around they stole the poles. How cruel. X3


Blogger TeenageHermit said...

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Blogger TeenageHermit said...

Oh, sorry, deleted my earlier comment...don't know how...

Heh, if my mom was doing that, I'd be a bit angry, but I think it's cool...As long as she isn't getting seriously angry about the stuff you put on the net and blowing it up in person...(brings back memories...bad ones...)

Yeah, you can give me the art guy's URL. You were talking about him in an earlier post, weren't you? Sounds cool.

2:49 PM  

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