Monday, October 31, 2005


I actually went trick or treating this year! I went with some of my friends and my boyfriend, Taylor. My friend Alisha, who has a crush on me, kept glaring at him all evening. Geez, it was funny. I was enjoying the little rivalry far too much. x3 I would have taken pictures of everyone, but I didn't have the camera. I might get copies of the ones Sayla took when she gets them developed, though.

I was a unicorn, hastily put together because I had no idea I was going to be out until third period today. When I got home at three I sewed my costume out of some fake fur my mom got from her friend Sandra awhile back, white felt, and a cut up pink sweater. Then, I sewed Sabbath a matching costume! If you don't know, Sabbath is the ragdoll I'm making for the oh so talented artist Zeda. I worked right up until five forty five, and then I ran to the school to meet everyone.

Taylor was a guy with crutches for halloween because that was all he had, so we kept changing what he was. At first he was crippled, but then he started walking normally so he was an insurance fraud guy. Then someone handed him a burglar mask so he became a cat burgler who fell through the roof and broke his leg, so he sued them for having a weak roof. And he told a few people that he had been hit by a car on halloween when he was six, and he'd been wearing the same thing every year since.

Alisha was a pumpkin and Sayla was an old fashioned maiden princess or something. As some kids from my school, Nick and Josh, were walking by they yelled, "The pumpkin's got the best costume out of all of you!" And I realized he was probably right. o_o

Okay, pictures! When I got home I re-made Sabbath's unicorn ears and horn(they had fallen off) and asked my mom to take pictures of us. Of course, like most of my pictures, I turned out horrible. Sabbath looks quite dashing in his cross-dressing unicorn costume though. The costume is based on Klar's character, Pollu, of course.

Me and Sabbath;

Sabbath, without me mucking up the picture.

My mom wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH, TOTALLY CRUNCHY! I think that I heard that your name is... Sarah? Well, we got the tote bag. I knew it was you the whole time. x3 There was no other way I could think that you'd have found my humble blog. The tote bag is gorgeous. My mom loves it, and says that she feels like she's gotten far too much.

Anyways. Wow, I'm tired. Goodnight, everyone.

Wisdom of the day; A fifteen pound weight seems way bigger when you're exhausted.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sabbath Doll

Awhile back I was working on a ragdoll based on Sabbath, a character by Zeda. Well, I finally continued working on it, and I've gotten pretty far in the last couple days. The only thing I have to do now is his jeans. When I finish I'm going to send him to Zeda herself. Hope she loves him as much as I do. ^_^

Friday, October 28, 2005

Stetches and old art

Some sketches I scanned. I draw about ninety percent more than I upload; this isn't one tenth of the sketches I've drawn in the last couple months. In my closet I have three huge stacks of drawings, old drawings from over six months ago, new drawings I like, and new drawings I don't like. I estimate that there are over 800 drawings in there, not counting the 2x4 plastic bin of drawings aging anywhere from birth to three years ago. I'm an incurable packrat.

And now for some old, computer drawn art that I found on a floppy disc. Shield your eyes, it's mostly horrible. >_> God, I was such a retarded little twelve year old. I wish I had pushed myself harder.

And, of course, stuff that's kinda recent that I completely forgot to upload.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Happy birthday Klar!

Actually, early birthday. I think her real birthday is on the 30th. She's so kewl. Here's her birfday fanart. She'd better adore it, because it took hours and hours of work. Ow-my-hand-is-all-cramped.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Keil and Abel

W00t! Electric Strawberry, Zeda's Asian Jointed Doll site, is back up! It's a little shrine to her Super Dollfies, Abel and Keil. In fact, they kind of look like my <3 babies, Theo and Jamie. Maybe I'll post more about them later, but now, about Zeda's site.

At this time, the profiles and gallery pages are broken, but you can still go to the photo stories. While you're looking at them, just try and imagine what a dork Zeda must have looked like. x3 Cool people and be dorky too, I see.

EDIT; This is too short to earn a full post, but if you're interested in Super Dolfies, this is an excellent site. More photostories and stuff then I'll ever have time to look at. They're really sute, though. ^_^ -spazglee-

Pollus fanart

W00t! It's Pollus! Character © Klar.

This isn't Klar's birthday present, actually. It's more of a quickie. I've yet to scan her actual birthday picture, because I'm lazy and don't want to kick my scanner into gear.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

More Sims 2

This has been a busy weekend. On Friday I went to Nikki's house in Stockton and stayed the night, then I came home at about on Saturday. Then, at eight, my friend Kim called for the first time since last December and she came over to spend the night. And what does this have to do with the Sims 2? Well, when Kim was over, we probably spent over ten hours playing it. x3 That's right, we're total geeks. And I still managed six hours of sleep.

I'd love to tell you about the adventures of our deranged little family, if you've got more spare time than any person ought to. This is a little different than most Sims stories because Kim and me are lazy and like to exploit cheats and glitches. Thusly, we screw up and effect the game in strnage and interesting ways.

Firstly, *s around a statement means it's something I made up, not something that happend in the game. It's things that we inferred through their behavior or traits that we assigned to a character based on who they were based on. I'm clarifying this because I'm terrified of being sued by Maxis.

Our first characters are a family of two gay men(this was partially influenced by me, but she went right along with it.) named Akeiilee and Trevorion Elric. Kim likes long names that I can't pronunce. Akii is a drag queen(partial *) and Trevor is his husband, and thanks to one of the millions of debugging cheats, they were going to have children... and I don't mean adopting. Here's what they looked like in the starting screen when they first moved into their house.

Well, I messed up immediately. When I clicked the debugging gravestone and pressed, -Get preganant with- and clicked -Trevorion- I didn't notice that the Sim I was clicking with WAS Trev. So then he was pregnant with his own baby, and because it hadn't gone right, we got Akii pregant with Trevor's baby as well. You could tell they were pregnant after that because of their growing bellies, maternity clothes, and the fact that they were running to the toilet in shifts... morning sickness made out toilets very unsanitory places, indeed. Another sign that they were pregnant was their newfound habbit of talking babytalk to eachother's stomaches. That's not un-pregnant behavior.

So, three sim days later, Trevor went into labor. When the little box popped up that informed us that they would have a little bundle of joy within a few minutes, I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair. In addition to informing me about the new baby, it was informing me that there would be... TWO bundles of joy! Trevor was having twins. And since they were made up of his genes alone, they were the first identical twins to exist in the Sims 2. ANYWHERE. It was really novel. Thank God they were girls, because if they were boys they would look just like their dads. As it was, it was just really cool. Here's a picture of them as adults.

Then, Akii had his baby. It was a boy. We named the girls Telly and Taruyau, and the boy was named Alden. We had fun teaching them how to talk and walk and everything one they had grown from babies to toddlers. Toddlers are, hands down, the cutest part of this game. They really bring the sims to life. Here's a picture of the daddies teaching Alden and one of the twins to talk while to other plays dolls in the background.

Over time it became apparent that the two little girls were destined to succeed. They always played with the toys that would give them skill points for the future (charisma, creativity) while little Alden just played doll house with one of his daddies. Kim says that they call them papa, though. As she got into the game she began to hear the dialouge in her head like me, and they always said "papa". So that's how it is.

Anyways, even though Akii had three toddlers he still wanted to ADOPT a kid. So they adopted a child, older than their natural children, who came with the name Aiden. Inconviently it sounded a bit too much like Alden, but we didn't get a choice. Anyways, time passed and the toddlers grew into children. As they went to school they started bringing home friends. Ari and Seth, the children of Louis and Lestat from one of my other families, became their friends. Also, they met a little boy named Jordan Aistrup, who Telly became really close to.

Ari and Seth's 'uncle' Marius picked them up from our house almost every day, and the now teenaged *Aiden became infatuated with him.* When he grew into an adult about seven sims days later, he had his very first kiss with Marius on his nineteenth birthday. (exact age improvised by us, they don't have seperate years but we imagine them.) He moved out with Marius soon after that to start a life of their own, and only came back once to be at his little sibling's teenage birthday. Telly and Taru grew up to be very attractive, and a teenage Jordan saw Telly in a new light.

Telly and Jordan shared a first kiss and are now going steady. They're so cute. Taru does not share her sister's enthusiasm for monogomy. During HER sixteenth birthday she met *Marius's old teenage lover* Armand (Nice boy, gets good grades, and *is a vampire who loves bondage.* x3 Taru's parents were horrified) They hit it off really well, but so did Taru and another boy, a childhood friend named Tyler. When Armand, shortly after falling in love with Taru, walks into the room to see Taru making out with Tyler, heck breaks loose. Taru sees him and runs over, kissing him and apologizing. Tyler is angry that he's been lied to and slaps Taru. Taru starts crying and Armand punches Tyler. Tyler and Armand get into a full-blown fight, cartoony dust clouds and all. The entire family and the guests of the birthday party run over to watch.

EVeryone's covering their mouths and eyes in amazement or fear or something, and Taru is crying. Eventualy, Armand wins the fight and Tyler slinks off. Armand forgave Taru after a few days but she's still seeing Tyler behind his back. She likes Armand better, though. One time Telly showed her bad girl side by sneaking out with Jordan at one am and returning at four. Luckily she tiptoed into the house and didn't get caught. She did walk past the bathroom to see her father, Akii, throwing up in a fashion I found very familier.

It wasn't food poisoning, I'll tell you that.

(On a funny side note, one of Akii's aspirations is to see Lestat's ghost. That's the Sims 2 nice way of saying he wants him to die. This is because early in the game Louis, Lestat and Marius came to greet my family to the neighborhood. Trever started doing some flirty things with Lestat and Akii was crushed. The bitterness stewed and now, the equevillent of seventeen years later, he wants that bugger DEAD. Lol, not on your life, honey. Lestat's one of my favorites. x3)

But then Kim had to go home, so the Elric family remains at the crux of their twisted lives, waiting for her to visit again. Cool, right? If you're still awake, I congradulate you. Off topiucally, I'd like to admit that I'm addicted to Logo movies. (Logo, if you don't know, is the gay and lesbian channel. I belive it's a sub-station of mtv) The other night I actualy sat through the last three fourths of a one star movie called 'The Velocity of Greg'... and very nearly enjoyed in. I did love one qoute from it particularly. "Greg dreamed of being kissed by someone so hard that his mouth hurt, so soft that his heart hurt, so deep that his throat hurt, and so fully that nothing hurt."

And today I watched three star movie, which I can honestly say was good. My mom says that a movie is good if you cry and laugh at the same time, and during the end I was doing so much of that that I looked deranged. It was about a mormon missionary going to LA, were he meets a very openly gay prettyboy waiter. It's a actualy a very angst movie, but I liked the way it turned out very much.

Basically, I'm trying to brainwash you into a) Buying the Sims 2 and b) Watching more gay themed movies. Neither will help you in any way, but they're both memorable, enjoyable past-times for me.

God, these posts are long. This took over an hour. I'm going to go do request and birthday gift drawings now, I'll post them later.

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Unicorn Trio

Oshkay, time to plug. Remember Klar, the artist I luff who draws the cute little unicorn boys? Well, she's not the owner of ALL the unicorn boys. Just pollu. There's actually a few(and I dont mean an amount. It's like a couple, but with three. Aw, don't they a make a cute few?).

There other owners are Sashamya, who owns Di, and VV, who owns Pascale. Don't let the 'Pallu' on Pascale's picture decieve you, they started out with different names and then traded. And, of course, there's Klar's Pallus. I am in love wif them.

Also, it's Klar's birthday on the 30th! She says that realized it's beyond rude to make birthday art requests from random people, but she needs her unicorns before her 'puddle of sadness solidifies into a sticky wad of despair.' And thusly complete strangers are drawing her unicorms to cheer her up. Talent=love. In fact, I've drawn the little cuties dozens of times, I just have to pick a good one to ink and maybe colour. I'll post it here for all to see when I'm finished.

An for those of you who love the little unicorms too, but are too lazy to go to the artist's galleries, I'll link to some of my favorites. I'm putting far more time into this than I ought to.

Scrappy Noserubs
Wagon Ride
Unicorn Train!
Tummy Kisses
Couple of Three
More Noserubs
Happy Poofs!

Love the unicornbois, or I will haunt your dreams. On a sadder note, Zeda is leaving Deviantart. She's put big ugly watermarks on all her pictures, and I believe that she said she's going to remove everything from her Devart gallery. She still has her website, but personally run sites have a tendancy to be hard to navigate, slow on updates, and full of broken images. It makes me very sad. And also, her SD13 site is down!

See, Zeda has these little dolls that I've been calling asian jointed dolls because they look like a picture I saw once, and also I'm retarded. But really they're called Super Dollfies, and their eyes are really pretty. Like, hypnotcally pretty. Zeda owns a few of them and she does shese photo-stories with them. It's pretty cute and funny. But now that her spin-off site is down, and I can't go to it! Salt in the wounds of her departure. -sniff-

I'm going to Stockton in a few minutes to stay the night with my nieces, so I have to end the post. But remember, love the unicorns and greive the loss of Zeda's gallery with me. SHARE MY BRAIN, DARMIT.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Monstous Regiment

My favorite book of all time, Montrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett, now has a fansite. I love the creator, she is doing the world a great service. -salutes- I only with there was a fansite when I was off the wall addicted to it. It's a magnet for femslash, but that's okay, I've nothing against femslash. Anyways, the owner contacted me because she wanted to post my fanfiction, Boots, on her site. Of course! I'm sure it's not halfway good enough, but whatever floats her goat. I need to draw some pretty fanarts now.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I'm happy. Anyone want to know why?

There's a boy in my English class that I've liked for awhile. He's the one who bought one of my drawings, if you remember me saying that. His name is Taylor. Well, I was walking to the front of the school after class to walk home with Amanda, and while we were walking he said. "I have a confession. I think I'm falling in love with you."

And I just blush. -BLUSH- -blush blush blush- "I... oh..." I'm such I retard. And he says, "I haven't been in love for... like, ten years." And I'm like, "When you were... six?" And he said, yeah, so finaly I try to say something inteligent. "You know... I.. er... I like you... too..." So much for intelligent.

His buddy walked over to us so we had to change the topic (thank God for awkward conversation breakers!) and then he had to go in the other direction. I guess I'll try to get his phone number tomorrow.

Oh, for the love of God, I'm such a teenager.

Hey-up. Up ahead; talking about a show centered around five homosexual friends. If this offends you, you can stop reading now. -doesn't want to get yelled at for not having a warning-

I watched the season premier of Noah's Arc on Logo. My brothers and their friends were at the house and everyone had to keep herding them out of the living room. Especially Eric, who's condradictory by nature, just like his big sister(meh!) Brittany, one of their firends, needed no convincing. She walks in, sees two black guys frenching, and walks right back out with her hands over her eyes. ^_^; Okay, so I'm a little different than most teenagers, as far as my television habits go.

It was a pretty good show. In the words of one of my favorite artists, I'm love with the main character. Not "in love". Just love. I don't know why, I like the flow of it. Anyways, the other characters in the show annoy me a bit, especially the two who've been together seven years and are having relationship problems. I don't know why, but they really rub me the wrong way.

I liked the end of the episode, when Noah(main character) is on the phone with his friends. He's talking about the conversation he had with his new boyfriend, and he says, "He said, I feel good, and a little bit scared. But mostly good. And I told him, I'll protect you. But what I didn't tell him is, I don't know who'll protect me." And his friends say that's what they're there for. And Noah says after that, "Thanks. But what I also didn't say is... I'm a little scared too." And his friends say, we all are. (They've all got relationship problems. It wouldn't be a show otherwise.)

There's more about the series here. It's awsome. Can't wait for next Wednesday. And for tomorrow. omfg -headimplodes- A guy actualy likes me. I thought I would never see the day.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Sims 2

This is going to be a long post. Well... I've had 'The Sims 2' for awhile, although for the longest time I wasn't able to play it. For the first few months I owned it, it would not work on any computers except for my dad's. That was fine, unless he wanted to use his computer. Or watch TV in his room. Or sleep. Or anything. So, there was renovations.

For months my dad struggled to get everything the stupid finicky game needed in order to work on this computer, and it finaly worked. It still wont work on my computer, but I'm just happy that I have it on this one. Now, if you don't know what the Sims 2 is, I'll try to explain it. It's a PC game, and it's like barbies for the people who are too old to play barbies without being scorned. You create people and families with the Body Shop, which is so advanced that Sims pass down their facial features and other genes to their children.

There are sliders for changing features, and lots of hairstyles and clothes to chose from. You even pick their personality, which creates their zodiac sign, and you also pick their aspiration in life. Like, will they be family oriented sims, or will they be focused on education, or are they popularity sims? It's up to the creator. When you're done, you can build a house or pick one of the premades, and then you add objects. There's different colors and styles, so you can actualy decorate. And when they're all moved in, you play.

They have stats you have to maintain (bladder, hunger, energy, act...) and relationship stats with other sims. They can get married, have children, and die. If their death comes too soon (house burned down, drowned, hit by a falling asteroid, ehatever) other family members can plead with the grim reaper for their loved one. Sometime, it works, sometimes, they die. And then sometimes, their ghosts pop out their graves and scare other sims out of their mind, after which they have the shrink visit them.

Seriously, that's not even one twentieth of the game, but I'm tired of this explaining thing. I recommend this game to ANYONE.

When my computer was fixed, I roared out of the starting gates by creating a ton of new families that I'd been wanting to make (based on characters I already had, and a few new ones). Veronaville is now populated by the Lioncourt family (the gay vampires x3) Lenwe (an elf based on Tolkien's Legolas) and a countless bachelors who I never got around to playing (some of which I know exist, but strangely never meet my other sims).

And, like I always do, I fell out of playing it. But lately I discovered Sims 2 downloads, which got my back to playing the game. Armed with more new clothes and colours than I know what to do with, I created a grand experiment. It's the Veronaville Housing Projects. It's build on the biggest lot in town, and there are actualy about six seperate house/apartments on the lot. Almost all the space is taken up with a public pool, barbeque areas, homes and public kitchens and whatnot. But the main thing is the people that go in it.

I love them muchly.

That's the group picture, for when the game is loading. Sorry the quality is horrible, I only found out a few minutes ago how to change the size and quality to high instead of medium. In the picture, the shy looking girl with brown hair is Becky, the watermellon girl is Gabby, The waving guy with the leather jacket is Gabby's new boyfriend, Davis, the dapper fellow with the cornrows and rather flower jacket is Julio, and the really, really black man is the landlord Eden and his daughter, May.

Eden's got extremely dark skin and bright blue eyes so nobody can figure out what crazy nationality he is. He's kind and decent, and he doesn't mind if the rent is late and to be honest he doesn't even care if they pay rent at all. He tends to blend into the foreground and doesn't play a big part in the overall plot of the Houses.

Eden's daughter. At one point she disappeared cmpletely from the family due to a glitch, but she came back eventually with a few days of school missed. She had to work extra hard for awhile to make up for it, and for days she was crying randomly about her D+ report cards. But she's generally a cheerful wittle girl who enjoys jumping on things and teasing Julio. Julio resents this, but would never be anything but friendly towards her.

A stylish gentleman right from the random sim button of the Body Shop. I loved his appearence right away and had to base a character around him. His outfit is one of my favorite downloads. Although he's a little different from the other Sims in the Houses (he's gay, although he's having trouble finding a boyfriend right now) he seems to fit in really well. He's best friend is Davis and he loves to be the center of attention by playing the piano in the public living room, which everyone seems to enjoy. Don't tell the others, but I think he's my favorite.

A romance sim to the very core, his fondest wish at the moment is to be in love with three sims at once. (three of his 'wants' are "be in love with 3 sims", "make out with 3 sims", and "woohoo with 3 sims"(the polite way of saying something else in the Sims 2)) I'm trying very hard to keep him from cheating on Gabby, but every time I turn my back he's inviting other girls over or trying win over Becky. He's a problem sim, that one. He's fine in the romance department but hopeless with everything else. He's always using Julio's fancy bath/shower because he can't keep his clean(much to Julio's occasional delight and Davis's accute embarrasment).

Gabby is a watermellon enthusiest. It's her style. She collects anything watermellon and when her birthday rolls around, you can bet that she's not a hard Sim to shop for. She's Becky's best friend, Davis's girlfriend, and can gossip up a storm. (Did you know, Julio burned a batch of omelettes this morning? Did you know, Marius was caught cheating on Lestat, who was cheating on his husband Louis, who was cheating with Marius? Le gasp!) She has a bad habit of early morning drinking.

Shy, artistic, and hopeless with guys. She has a crush on Eden but doesn't want to change her freindly relationship with him, and can't seem to find a single guy who's interested in the things she likes. She spends a lot of time working in her studio, but she likes her Housemates a lot and will often get up early to cook breakfast for them. She's a fantastic cook as well as an artist. She confides everything in her best friend, Gabby, which is possibly not the best idea. Hopefully Gabby won't be loose with her secrets.

Well, now that was a huge post. Allow my to make it a little huger! Snippet based on a half-dream I had last night (those not quite dreams that float through your mind when your about to drift off)

Julio opened the door and leaned in the doorway. He was wearing nothing but his boxers, which were striped red and darker red and had the word LOVE repeating across the top border. Davis, who had knocked on Julio's door that morning, was pretending not to notice.
"I was wondering if I could borrow a bottle of shampoo," he asked, and added, "I'm going to the store later," by way of explanation.
"Sure," Julio said in his disconcerting, vaugely femenine voice. "What kind do you want?"
Davis shrugged.
"I don't know. The kind that smells good?"
Julio stared at him for a long moment before saying, "Please tell me you're kidding. Really, Davis, do you just use anything that says "shampoo" on the label? How do you keep your hair so nice if you treat it like that?"
"I don't have to take this. I'll ask Gabby, at least I know her shampoo will smell like watermellon." He started to walk away, but Julio stopped him.
"Wait, wait. I'll get you some. I'll be right back."
He went into the house and emerged a minute later with a bottle of golden colored shampoo. He tossed it to Davis and said, "It's for preventing dandruff and split ends, but dont worry, it also smells like dandallions. Enjoy."

And I'd just like to clarify that a lot of Sims 2 is playing pretend. Half the time when I'm playing, I'm seeing things go on in my head that aren't happening in the game. Like, say, my Sim walks into the backyard and on the way passes the maid. In my mind, I see him say, "Almost finished?" and she says, "Yep, I'll be out of your hair soon." And my sim says, "No worries, you're not bothering me. I was just wondering." and then goes on his way. While actually, none of that exchange really took place. Sims speak in Simish anyways, which is fancy talk for giberish.

To sum it up, Sims is better if you have a bit of imagination, but it's not required. ~_^

btw, HTML SVCKS! >_> This took almost an hour of fromatting and reformating and putting spaces back were they were mysteriously deleted, not to mention wondering why the first round completely butchered it into some like frankenstein coding. It didn't work, of course. I just dont now how it got big, uneffective CAP LOCK codes out of my perfect html. It's enough to drive me crazy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Pics

I'm too lazy to make thumbnails, so pardon the space this is taking up. It's me, with my new haircut! I made my mom help me, because self timers are a pain, especially when there's nothing to perch them on outdoors where the light is best. The horrible red tinted picture was taken in my backyard, which is all dirt right now because we're going to pave over it.

I like the third one best. And aside from my horrible personality (which people can't see right away) can you see anything about me that would prevent me from having a boyfriend? I can't. It baffles me to no end. I mean, I think there are more girls attracted to me than guys!

It's discouraging. I feel like such a teenager. I also feel hungry. I wonder if mom is making dinner...

Utena Television Series!

Oh, for the love of God, she's a girly girl. I'm horrified.

Today on On Demand they had the first episode for the tv series of Revolutionary Girl Utena. I was like, "Oh, goody! -giggle-" (Utena transforms me into a little girl who giggles when they kiss and loves the pretty rose petals everywhere) So I watch it and I'll admit, it has good points. Like the fact that I'm starting understand the general plot, which I never did when I watched the movie. That just didn't seem an important factor to the movie. It was just pretty, okaaaay?

But it's got problems. They gave Utena long hair and took away her sexy boy hat and black and white outfit. Instead she wears the school boy uniform, which has short shorts and is so girly that it doesn't even seem to matter. And, strangely, the way that the plot unravels and things go slowly and everything is ennunciated seems to take away from the romance. I loved the movie version, with Utena finding the platform of roses (which is far more beautiful than the crappy dueling arena in the show) and the current champion slapping the Rose Bride around. It was so spontanious, it just flowed.

And Utena turned into the cliche idiotic anime girl. She talks to herself, has a girly voice(oh God, this bothered me so much, the movie version had such a nice husky voice) and says things during dramatic moments like, "Whoah, whats going on? Is this a mirage too?" When no comments are needed. Oh, and the sword thing was more romantic in the movie. And there was kissing. I liked it better. Shojo-ai forever! Oh God, the theme song made me laugh so hard. It was like the Gravitation theme song if you replaced the Yuki and Shui-chan with girls!

I liked the words of the theme song a lot. Of course it was in Japanese but I read the subtitles. I read subtitles obsessivly, even if I dont want to. Even if the actual words are in English, if there are subtitles I cant tear my eys off them. But back to the subject. It said something like, "Even if we're torn apart, I'll still revolutionize the world." And it showed Anthy and Utena's hands interlocked and trying to hold on but being torn apart, like somone was trying to pull them away. -sniff- It was so beautiful and tragic.

God, I'm so overemotional. -slaps self- Thanks, I needed that. By the way, who ever says, in real life, "Thanks, I needed that" when someone smacks them?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Amy and a Haircut

First thing is a picture of Amy jumproping. It's an old drawing, but I'm still so horribly proud of the pose that I have to post it here.

Also, I got a haircut! It's about shoulder lengh and layered. You know what I found out? My hair has a lot of wave in it. It looks like someone just kinked it to the side about halfway down. Strange, but it looks pretty good. My hair used to be so heavy that the wave got pulled out of it, and that would also be the explanation for the horrible frizz I always had. It was trying to regain it's natural shape!

My hair is like some kind of animal. Anyways, I'll have a new profile picture soon.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

My Characters

I was listing off all the character's I've had and my mom said I should post it in my blog. So... here I go, in semi-chronilogical order from oldest to newest.

Eggman (aka Egghead)
Partner in Crime
Apple Tart
Theo (2)
Foxfire (2)
Shane (2)
Mint (2)
Ari (2)
Lunar Truffel Momento
A capybera
Honey Bear
Snow Cricket
Stormy Amythyst
Blue Arturo Bay
Damine (2)
Cale (2)
Willow (2)
Dark Nova
Elliot (2)
Madison (2)
Thomas (3)

I think I'm done, but really I'm probably not. I'm just to tired to keep going through drawings and stuff and I have go get my hair cut and then go to girl's night at Sayla's house soon. But that's the majority of my characters. The (2)s are to say if they're a different character with the same name. There are cats, dogs, wolves, humans, elves, neopets, furres, and everything else you can think of in there. And i only started making characters after age eight, so this is seven years worth of character making.

Really, my brain never stops moving.

Limewire and Revolutionary Girl Utena

The subject of this post is two seperate things that are totally unrelated. Although, actualy, I downloaded one of those anime music video things that people make on Limewire, and it was Revolutionary Girl Utena clips to a song by Tatu. It was cute.

Well, Limewire is a file sharing system like Kazaa, but more legal. Also, I have Norton now, so it's all good. The only problem is me trying to download giant video files of Angel Sanctuary that, after twenty minutes, are at... four percent. Oh, God.

It's still pretty awsome, though. I'm downloading music while I wait. I wonder if they have mangas on this site too..? It's worth a search. But anyways, onto Revolutionary Girl Utena, my favorite part of this post! I watched an anime movie on On Demand last night that I had been meaning to watch for ages but could never find. It's all very shojo(girly, made for girls, lots of pretty roses and drama and dancing and kissy scenes) and sweet.

There's Anthy, the rose bride, and whoever wins the fencing duel between the chosen ones at the Acadamy win the right to be engaged to her. Well, the man who owned her at the time was smacking her around and since Utena was also one of the chosen, she decided to duel him. Well, she won Anthy and made peace with her after a few awkward moment.

There is so much more to the movie, but that's my favorite element of it. The dueling scene between Utena and Anthy's former engagement was very dramatic, it had me yelling at the screen the whole time. (Well, actualy I did that all throughout the movie, but I was much louder at this part. ^_^;) Socute.

All in all, I loved it, but it's for a very select audience. I think that select audience might be me. You have to be patient enough to watch a five minute long scene of a rose covered platform thats been flooded for maximum effect of waterfalls pouring over the sides and all, while two girls do some ballroom dance and tinkly music plays in the background. I swear, over five minutes. I was disapointed when it ended.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Emotional Rant

You know, humans are amazingly durable creatures. Every day we rip ourselves and eachother to peices emotionally, yet we're usualy ready to get back up and take on the day. Or are we the most fragile beings, because we imagine up such pain for ourselves? I mean, cats and fish and birds don't have have bruised souls on a constant basis.

Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe I'm insane for thinking about it, or maybe I'm just cliched.

A cliched teenager who lies to herself about being more different than everyone else, but everyone is different in their own ways. Everyone has that one little thing that they think makes them different. Then aren't we all the same?

Oh. Friggin' heavy. A'right, I promise this rant is over now.

Vampire chronicles fanfiction

If you're a sane, sensible person (my mom's doll making friends, my teachers, ect.) then you can skip this post. It's about gay vampires. You've been warned.

If anyone noticed that I stopped posting, I have a confession to make. I found a huge website of Vampire Chronicles fanfiction and I'm addicted to it. Do not click on that if you don't like homosexual vampires, I warn you sincerely. Although, I must say, this is an extremely talented author. She has my heart breaking one moment and laughing like a lunatic the next. Heavy stuff. I'm going to be confused about which parts of the vampire's lives are written by Anne Rice and which ones are from these fanfictions.

I've been reading a little too much, though. And I'm annoyed because the next one in the series I'm reading sounds absolutely devastating, even though I always know these fanfics all end happily. And I want to skip it because in the the next one Louis and Lestat get married, but it's actualy sequential and I can't. -sigh-

Okay, ranting over. I promise I'll try to post something productive within the next few days.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I Wish you Were Real

A lion cub who used to be a stuffed animal, before a little kid wished he were a real lion and his wish came true. Name suggestions?

Oh, McDonalds.

You know how some McDonald's have thosen silly booth things that don't really belong at a fast food joint? You know, the ones that have the glass panels so they really don't do anything to help the privacy situation? And there's always a little kid making faces at you from the other side? Yeah, those ones. Geez, just let Viennali eat her french fries in peace. When I go to McDonalds it's usually my little brother making faces at you, you know. It's so embarassing. -_-;

When I was drawing this she was origionaly going to be eating a health bar because she's on a diet. But, just like real life, that fell through and now she's eating a french fry. Because I can't draw health bars, she's going to get fat. I'm sorry, Vi!

And yes, Vi got a lip peircing, because she's just hip like that.


I've been browsing Deviantart far too often and I've found some new awsome artists. I doubt anybody will actually click on them, but it's for my piece of mind that talent does not go unplugged.

Pu-sama's art is so... finished. The pages are filled completely and it's colored so nicely. I swear to God it glows. I actually prefer to click on her more sketchy drawing because the finished ones overwhelm me, they're that finished.
Lascaux... well, she's been on my radar for a long time. I can't believe I forgot to plug her. I mean, she draws the Gorillaz a lot! Does she need any more reason for being on my list?
Korone draws shiny people. She has the most awsome, qausi-relealistic style I've ever seen, but the shiny people stand out most in my brain. Not even sweaty people are that shiny. It has a strange way of making innocent pictures seem dirty.
Reapersun was one of my favorite artists fromt he beginning. Much in the way of two guys kissing, so don't do there if it's just going to fry your brain. ~fizzle~
Spiritwolf77 is amazing. I can't believe I almost forgot to plug her. She is how I learned to draw dogs. I mean, I used to, but the faces were all out of whack. So I studied her art until I thought the art police were going to take me away for copying so much. But I finally got it, and now I can draw animals, thanks to her.

And I must plug Zeda and especially Klar again. Klar has a less anime style, but it is ADORABLE. If you don't click on any of these links, please click on Klar. You'll love her gallery. I was origionally under the impression that she was German because someone told me that, but her profile says she's located in Canada. -shrugs- Not that it matter, really.

I love having a blog, it makes me feel rediculously important. x3

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tim Meets Viennali

A scene I wrote while I was supposed to be cleaning my room. One of my neopets, Tim, meets Viennali for the first time. This site has something against indenting paragraphs, so I had to double space it.


For a second, Tim became aware that someone was watching him. Then he was tackled.

There was the sounds of a scuffle in his ears (so this is what a scuffle sounds like?) as he desperately tried to escape. Whoever tackled him grabbed his wrists and pinned them above his head, and he was having trouble breathing because his assailant was sitting on his stomache. Tim came to the realization that his eyes were squinched shut tightly. He opened them and looked up at the one who attacked him.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" it asked him.

It was an female ixi, obviously anthro, like him. Her purple eyes were wide and panicked, and somehow furious at the same time. No, not furious. Dangerous, that was the word. Her shortfur that covered her whole body was pink and sticking up oddly in places, like maybe someone literally rubbed her the wrong way. Her longfur, that humans reffered to as 'hair', was cherry red and about as dishevelled as the rest of her.

Her clothes could only be described as eccentric, and she was wearing a rather short skirt.

"I brought cookies," he said quickly.

"Oh yeah, probably poisoned cookies. Thanks. I could kill you, you know."

Tim gulped. He understood that a rather attractive female ixi in a short skirt was sitting on him, and it was probably the last thing he would ever see. He was really wishing that he appreciated girls more at the moment. "I, I, I, I'm you brother-in-law! Willow's other pet! I swear! I have tags! They're around my neck."

The ixi glared but moved one of her hands to pull the necklaces out of his shirt. There were two; one was a heart shaped locket with a picture of Benji, and the other were his tags. He blushed as she flipped open the locket. "Oh, good. I was feeling a little self-conscious, sitting on you like this, but I guess it's fine now," she stated. Tim couldn't think of anything to say to this. He might have shrugged, but the position made it impossible.

She fiddled with the tags on the other necklace. "Yup, looks like you're telling the truth," she said. She looked over his head at something he couldn't see. "I think your cookies are okay. Good thinking, putting them in a plastic box like that."

"It's called a tupperwear container. Can you get off me now?"