Friday, September 30, 2005

My new neopet!

It's my new neopet, Viennali! She's on my new account because I ran out of room on my other one. My other account is here. My lookup on that is so cute, although I took a lot of the html from someone else's userlookup. I hope she doesn't find out and get mad at me. ^_^;;;
My other neopets;


I finally added links to my sidebar. Including a link to Dany and Dany, who are me and Nikki's idols. Oh God, do they bring back memories. I miss the old days.

Favorite Music

"And every time she sneezes I believe it’s love." -Anna Begins, by Counting Crows
Were there ever more insightful words?

My favorite song list;
Vienna, Billy Joel
Anna Begins, Counting Crows
Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Strange Things Happening every Day, Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Short People, Randy Newman

There are tons of stuff that falls on and off that list. Disturbed, Sublime, and NIN are the more popular stuff I listen too. Mudvayne, Chevelle, Motion City Soundtrack, Matchbox 20, Goo Goo Dolls... I have so much range, I dont even want to list them all.

By the way, I heard 'Strange Things Happening every Day' on a ravioli commercial. I don't normally listen to that kind of music, but I just love this song.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


A couple of drawings.The scrollover descriptions didn't work. -sigh- Anyways, the first one is a picture of Tyler Bane, at east one half of him. Mechanical stuff that makes no sense is so fun to draw. And the other picture is the first half of Goolie's request. It's her old german shepard, Kody, who died a couple years ago.

And I want you to know, if you read the text on Tyler's picture, that he's not really dead. He's living with Elmo, who is just beyond sane definition. I'm not even going to try. x3

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Okay, let's be honest, I have maybe... three readers, at best. But just in case any of them write, and just in case any of them have writer's block right now or intend to in the future, I have a sentance. If you just cant get the first words down, use it to get started. Ctrl c it into wordpad or write it down and just continue from there.

"Florida is the place you run to when things go wrong, so it only stands to reason that starting out in Florida is asking for trouble."

I might write a story from it, but chances are that it's just going to waste. And even if it does get turned into a story by me, it will probably be transgressive fiction about Tyler Bane, one of me and Nikki's dysfunctional characters. And, chances are, I would never let you read it in a million years. (Tyler is our angst dumping ground. He has serious issues.)

So feel free to use the sentance. It deserves a better life. x3

Everyday stuff.

Weight training class + Cramps + Accidently dropping a barbell on my abdomen = Bad times. Like you cannot believe. But after that, my day got better. Sarah Ryanking, who got third place in the anime convention art contest, likes my drawings so much that she wants to kill me because I'm competition. Yay? And Hannah is going email me some shounen-ai thing she thought I would like.

The boy who I sold a drawing to, Taylor, has a strange talent. He can open his eyelid really wide and make his eye bulge out. It is so creepy. I'm going to bring my camera to school and take a picture of it.

My mom says that Sarah's art is like something she or Eric would do, and comparing me to her is like comparing Einstein to my Algebra teacher. XD You have to understand, the poor thing has no idea what she's saying. She's blinded by her maternalness. Maybe I'll scan the picture she drew in my sketchbook so you can see for youselves.

Oh shoot. I went back to (a virtual dog game) and checked my messages for the first time in months. I had just agreed to do a commision for FP money just before I left, and I got the follow up email sometime while I was gone. It turns out that her two dogs, Kody and Dezi, died and she wanted a memorial picture of them. That message was sent two months ago. But I replied and said I'd do it for free since I took so long. But she said that she'd pay anyways, and it was okay that I took so long to reply. I still feel bad.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


The thing about cats is this; Whenever you get into a strange position that you'll have to move out of in a few minutes, your cat will be there. Or, if you don't have a cat but you're around someone else's cat, their cat will be there. You'll start to get a twinge in your leg or your back will start to ache, and just as you're about to move, you'll feel the fateful paws of your back...

My Frame of Mind.

I finally finished the picture I started earlier. This idea has been incubating in my brain for a week, and my mom had an idea for a new version of it, so I might draw that too when I have artist's block. It's my character Mindowan and his frame of mind. I won't try to explain it, you'll understand when you see it. Click on the thumbnail for the full version.

I swear, someday the angst police are going to take me away for not being a proper teenager.

New Layout

Okay, the subject lies. I'm too lazy to actualy html out a new layout, so I figured out that I could just draw my fursona and paste it onto the background of the premade. Now it looks like I put some thought into my blog, except for not.

By the way, I adore Adam Corolla. I finaly got around to watching his show "Too Late with Adam Corolla". I finally know what my idol looks like! He's not terribly attractive, but his charm really lies in the fact that he's a whiny, narcissictic person like me. And you know, I don't think he tries very hard to be amusing. I think he just talks like that all the time. Horrible thought, isn't it? Especially since I'm so much like him. I have the same birthday (May 27th) as Adam. It makes me feel special.

Well folks, it's 12:30 and I have school in the morning. You know that I'll check my blog for comments as soon as I wake up and be bitterly disapointed. Feed my ego?

Monday, September 26, 2005

...I sold a drawing?

Some guy in my English class saw that I was drawing my fursona, Vienna, coloring her toenails black with a permanent marker, and I guess he liked it. He asked me to give it to him, and I told him I wanted to keep it because it was my first drawing of this character. But he said he'd give me a dollar, and of course that changes everything.

Well, I just sold a drawing for a dollar. W00t!

And let this inform you, I like money very much. I will draw for you if you give me almost any increment of money. I will toil with your html until my brain turns into pixels if you give me five bucks. Well... maybe ten. But my point is, I do art commisions cheaply. I will negotiate if anyone is interested. Please?


Wow, I'm such a geek.

I just joined a game called Furcadia. I used to play it a long time ago but I quit because I never got the point of it. It's a roleplaying site with creatures called Furres, which are like across between humans and animals. I just sent in an application to a villiage called Hazelwood.

Name; Mindowan Harris, aka Mindo
Age; Sixteen
House; Five
Jobs I want;
1) Scribe
2) Nurse
3) Shopkeep
Roelplaying sample; Mindo sniffs in the fresh forest air and sighs. It's all so much better than he's used to. At least, he thinks so. He cant really remember what he's used to, what with the amnesia and all. But it certinly SEEMS better and that's what counts. He takes a deep breath steps into Hazelwood to greet his future.
(Sorry it's not fantastic, I'm new to Furcadia and roleplaying in general. Is that okay? I'd really love to start roleplaying in Hazelwood.)

I'm such a geek. That site is for losers and sociopaths. x3 I don't even particularly want to join, but 'The Pocket Muse' says we should all do things we dont want to do because it's inspirational. Things like joining geeky online games and taking lessons in languages you don't care to learn and watching movies you wouldn't normally be interested in. Y' dig?

But the real reason I joined furcadia is that I think I might make some money doing portrait commisions. (Portraits are the icons of the characters that appear in the game when you click on a furre. Some people will pay a lot of money for a good custom of their character.)

By the way, I wrote a poem. Oh God, everybody lock your doors, Carmen is trying to write poetry again. But don't worry, at least this time I didn't try to rhyme 'flower' with 'power'. I seriously tried to do that in a poem about dragons that I wrote when I was ten. Anyways, here's my poem.

I wish I could confess
my love all over again
because of the way you smiled.
You don't smile
like that anymore.
I would be more romantic,
and more sure of myself.
A bit less worried
about the future.
Could your smile have been
any brighter?

I love feedback, so please comment. Even if you just want to say, "omftt hat sux l0ozer!!!11"

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I hate html. Greatly.

I spent hours on my stupid layout, and in the end I just gave up and went back to the premades. But don't think I've gained some kind of 'logic'. You know I'll try again tomorrow. Anyways, I told Deb that I would post one of my story brain farts. So...

The city used to have a government without a system of checks. It worked fine, for the most part, except for one day whe the king had a revelation. "If everyone was completely honest, there would be no crime!" And so he decreed that the only law is that everyone shall be completely honest, rain or shine. Naturaly enough, people still commited crimes, but they were very honest about it. They would say "I am going to kill you," and then, in obedience with the law, slit your throat and run off with your money.
Also, everyone lied when it snowed, because it wasn't raining or shining.

It sounds almost Terry Pratchettian, doesn't it?

By the way, my mom has an account on blogger, obviously. It's called Tender Arts, and she maked really cute, crafty things. You should see the pictures of the apron she made today, it's adorable. When she's finished with all her doll trades and whatnot, she's going to teach me to made ragdolls. ^_^ -glee-

Fantastic, just fantastic.

You're all in for a treat; Only an hour on this blog site and it's already caused me unspeakable amounts of anger and thusly, AdamEnegy. That's my name for the power to complain, loudly and at the world in general, in a very Adam Corolla way.

So... I finish my first post, spell check it, and proudly reveal it to my non-existant fans and go off merrily to work on my profile. When I get back I think I have a comment, oh goody, maybe it wont be a hallucination this time. (My ego can go scary places when I don't get the attention I think I deserve) But lo and behold, it's SPAM.

So I'm sitting here and screaming at my computer like retard that I don't want to 'Get Rich Using Other People's Money' and I doubt that's a good way to 'Take hold of my future!!!!!!'! Strangely enough, it was posted by someone with a blog all about the dangers of Drunk Driving. Whatever floats their goat, I think, whatever the drunk driver activists do in their spare time is their business. Spamming peoples blogs seems like a strange hobby though.

So I delete the post and go back to my blog to see if it works. I stare at it blankly for a few seconds and flip back into angry moron mode. "Oh, FANTASTIC. Now instead of people seeing the spam and feeling back for me because I'm having my blog ruined by idiots, it looks like I'm a big jerk who deleted the comment of an activist of drunk driving prevention. I should have just LEFT it there! Craptoastmonkeys!"

I feel like blaming the site for ruining my sanity, but lets be honest. I'm like this all the time.

New to Blogger

At my mom's insistance, I finally got a Blogger account. I'd be greatly appreciative of anyone who'll tell me how to find people of similar interests to mine on this site. ^_^

About me;

My name is Carmen Aistrup, and I'm fifteen years old. I love to draw, and I try out new styles all the time. My gallery url is here, although most of my stuff there is oudated. Please don't be offput by my tendency to draw anime, because believe me, anime makes me sick to my stomache most of the time too. It's just that my favorite artist's (Zeda, Klar, MissHatter) styles are anime, although they could be considered a strange form of cartooning. It's all how you look at it.

I write, though admittedly not well. Lately I believe that my brain is picking things up from other people's brains. I swear some of my ideas don't come from me, and sometimes entire paragraphs just accumulate in my mind like clouds and I have to type them. It's kinda freakin' me out. I've started a few stories, but I believe that some sector of my subconscience is going out for the world record of never finishing anything.

I have an addiction to the world of romance, and especially anything that smacks of 'forbidden love'. Old love stories between people of different races, sci-fi tales of lovers that come from different planets, a gay couple in a homophobic world, it all attracts me like a moth to a neon light. Due to a lack of conflict in my peaceful life, my love life suffers greatly. -sighs-

If you're not bored by now, you're a much more patient person than me. About the stuff my brain is picking up like a radio, I'll post some of it later so you can see what I mean.