Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MS Paint doodle. :3

Just some MS Paint doodle. The wobbling (dancing) puffer fish character is © my friend Martha. XD He's fanart. No names on the kitties tho. =0 Some of my friends may catch the colors, but yeah, like they're that observant. :rolls eyes:

Monday, May 29, 2006


Laziest Illustration Friday entry ever. XD

More people and stuff happened.

I met my uncle Dean and his (husband?) Rick today. It was nice, there was talking, he was cool, ect. I have trouble talking about real life. XD I don't know why. But I drew stuff, so... celebrate. XD

A puffer fish to cheer up my friend Amanda. (she loves puffer fish)

A sorry frog for my friend Rachel. (she loves frogs)

This is Valerio, aka Val(my name for him), or Vallie-chan(Nikki's name for him). He's Brianna's character. Brianna is Nikki's rp partner. Val is not a whore, contrary to popular opinion. :3

Sunday, May 28, 2006


My mom and dad got me a tablet for my birthday. :3 HUZZAH! So I drew soemthing dumb, just to prove it. XD

And my mom got me a gorgeous necklace, and my dad smashed a cupcake in my face. >_> And my nices and my sister bought me my favorite shirt EVER. I wanna get a picture of it later.

My new uncle is visiting on Monday! Maybe I already said that... o well... we have to clean tomorow so he thinks we're cleanly people. XD

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Evangelion AGAIN

Today I finally got to see the English subbed episode 24. (how geeky does that make me sound? XD) It was better and sadder than I even thought. ;_;

Screencap of Kaworu's love confession.

Screencap of Shinji's love confession, although it was admitedly after Kaworu dies and he was telling Misato about how he wished he had died instead. (but that would have sucked. x_X)

My mom was in here talking on the phone during the part where Kaworu is about to die. Luckily it wasn't likely to distract her from her conversation. That part is hecka annoying because it draws PAST suspense and turns into a sick form of Chinese water torture. You KNOW it's goign to happen, but when? When?! And then it's like, CRUNCH. Oh. Now.

And on a completely different tone, here's a cute official picture that's been on a calander and a trading card. ^.^

Friday, May 26, 2006

Some stuff happened, people did things, ect.

Okay, well, my birthday is tomorrow. Yay? Me and my mom and brother went to walmart and I bought a swimsuit FINALLY. I got short shorts and also cute normal shorts. XD And I uctually ENJOYED trying things on. If I hadn't been flailing randomly all the time and talking non-stop, I'd almost be like a different person. XD

AND MY UNCLE IS COMING ON MONDEY. =O It's gonna be hecksa pimp.

My friend Rachel got me the funniest things for my birthday. One is a parental advisory poster for my room. and the other is a pink stuffed rabbit with no arms and a PENIS. XD It's, like, the best gift I've ever gotten. I asked my friend not to get me gifts and the others didn't intend to and Rachel ignored me. I'm not sure whether to be annoyed or be glad because she ignored me WELL. She's so awsome. XD <3

The bad news is that I'm annoyed at Nikki over a drawign I'm supposed to do for her. She's getting all snotty because I haven't finished it, and while we were talking on yim, she's like, "Fine, shut up now, I'm roleplaying." And I was like, ">_> ...... fine." I cant compete. She and her friend Brianna has the cutest, funniest shota/yaoi rps ever. I only feel lucky that she sends me the rp logs. XD

Okay, and to make up for boring you... a photomanip I did. :3 Lyrics from Reptile by NIN.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Despite my impending birthday, I'm happy because I just finished a drawing!

We're all Angels Here.

It's Kowaru and Shinji from Evangelion. <333 The angels thing makes a lot more sense if you've seen the series... I cant even begin to explain it. ^_^; But isn't it adorable? I'm maybe biased because I love these two and it's my own drawing. XD

Also, my computer is fixed, and mty mom bought a new doll. She looks like a baby movie star girl. ^__^ I'll probably post pcitures later.

I'm working on a shojo-ai fairy picture for my internet friend Antinon. :3 It's gonna take awhile because I love her to death and I want it to be really good.

Monday, May 22, 2006


My birthday is in five days. I feel kind of... blaaaah. Plus, my computer DIED. So I'm on my mom's laptop, listening to Sum 41 and Dana Winner. (Sum 41 was Rachel's suggestion, Dana Winner may be a vague suicide attempt. XD) And Greenday also. :rocks out in a distinctly geeky way:

Oh, and I put up a hiatus notice on Deviantart. Nobody seemed particularly upset. Lol. I've been sneaking back on there to look up Jack Spicer fanart anyways. HOW GEEKY IS THAT?!

btw, if you don't know (most sane people wont) Jack Spicer is the villain in a dumb cartoon called Xaio Lin Showdown. I think it's a cute show. ^_^; Lawl. My fandoms are so dumb.

I cannot draw worth crap right now. I don't know why. x_X I can kind of draw lions but NOBODY CARES about lions. XD I need more human characters. I think I'm going to go copy art to learn to draw humans better.

Or I might, you know, mope around some more. XD

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Yay Rachel! ^_^

I'm going to the redwood forest this weekend with my friend Rachel and her family. ^___^ She's going to pick me up in like half an hour. It's gonna be so fun. Rachel is one of my newer friends, but she's really cool. I met her at the anime club and we hang out at school now, and she comed over after school a lot.

She likes Naruto, ramen and shota. :3 She's hecksa cool, obviously. I sent her a pic of Naruto and that one guy... old, pervy-ish one... I don't watch the show. My other friends just told me to send it and said, "LOL she'll yell at you now." But instead she's like, "Cool. More? kthnx." LOL. Girl o' me own heart.

Okay, so, I'm sure I have better things to do than type this. XD On a final note, OMG, Nikki got my addicted to Blood Brothers, especially the song 'My First kiss at a Public Execution'. I cant believe I sunk this low. It's SCREAMY music. x_X

EDIT; Randomly, What sound is ".....!"? In anime and stuff it's always got speech bubbles that say that. XD Me and my friends have actualy spent hours trying to make that sound out loud. LOL Yes, we're sad.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Omg, so uuugly.

Oh well, whatever. It was going to be for the Illustration Friday but I'm so ashamed of the ugliness. You may notice angel girl's resemblance to the Dope Show girl. That's because I'm a freaktard and subconsciously include her in everything I draw. XD Sry. I'll draw something not crappy next time... I cant draw chibis... or girls....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Man, where is the energy COMING from?

I finished Sarah's (the Sarah I know form Deviantart, not my real life friend Sarah) art request from the four request thingy. This one should have been easy, but it took me all of THIS before I realized I shouldn't color black creatures with coloured pencils. x_X

The lyrics are from Indie Rock and Roll, by the Killers, which is the best song ever. Even better than Marilyn Manson. (omg, yes, I totally turned around on the MM thing, if you recall. I just can't get enough of some of his music. x_X)

Anyways. I'll shut up now. I need something to draw tho. Maybe lions.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Omg, a lot of stuff.

I've been busy. I did this retarded chain request thing where you get an art request from the person who posted it, and in return you do requests for four more random people. I'm finished one of the requests, nearly done with the second, then I'll work on the third, and no one's filled the fourth slot yet. I don't think anyone will. I wonder how far this thing will carry. Of course, some of the links die because someone breaks the agreement or nobody wants request from them, but it can go pretty far, I think.

Here's what I drew for Antinon. It's Daniel Jackson in a sort-of-scene from The Diary, which is a horribly long, stupid SG1 fic that you don't want to read. Rly. Unless you're hecka insane. XD

And this is a comic I did for me and Antinon's comic series. :3 I dont know if shes doing it still. I just make one every now and then. Anyways, we used to do this to my parakeet all the time. XD

And I drew this last night. XD I dont even like DNAngel. And I doubt this would ever happen in the series. That series is evil. From the third ep I would think this could happen but then everything changed suddenly, and I dont know why. Maybe because Hiwatari had to go away for awhile? Ugh. Well, anyways, I'll call this one, "IN HIWATARI'S DREAMS."

EDIT! Just finished the second request. :3 From my friend Selah, this is Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts 2.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I have a lot of real like things I could say... I don't want to... Oh wait. My birthday is the 27th. I get to see my new uncle next weekend. I think. Hecksa pimp. But real life is boring so here read about my fandoms. XD


I'm so serious about my fandoms that it hurts. XD

I found an unsubbed and undubbed version of Evangelion number 24. I skipped around a lot and put on on mute because the Japanese voices had a creepy echo problem. When Shinji killed Kowaru (hard to explain that. It's because Kowaru's actually an Angel, which is not really an angel, but that's what the destructive creature thingies are called in the series) I almost DIED. I mean, I ran around the house telling people about it like, "OMG OMG OMG" in a not particularly sad way, and then I rewinded and watched the scene where the held hands, and then I cried. XD Delayed reaction, much?

At least Shinji was in the big robot thingy and didn't have to, like, kill him with his own hands. But the robot thing was sick because Kowaru was so small in the robot's hand, and he didn't even try to fight, he just smiled really sadly. And then there was a looooong moment of nothing and then the screen went black and it was like, CRUNCH. And then in just showed the robots hand, empty, all bloody. Oh God, Shinji muct have hurt so bad. Poor thing. Oh yeah, I know he's not real, but what's the point of books and tv and stuff if you dont get involved in it?

I hate anime. Anime sucks. Especially Full Metal Alchemist and Evangelion. Oh, and you know what book I hate? At Swim Two Boys. I liked it but the ending sucked.

I hate sucky stuff where guys or kids die.



And this is right before he kills him. UGH.

I hate the Eva people because they might Shinji go in the robot all the time. Cuz he's the only one who can control it and save the world. But they always have to use him, no matter what, even if it traumatizes him, for the good of everything... or something. But Shinji's a MESS. He's seen nearly everyone he cares about die, and now he actually had to KILL the person he loves. OMG. ANIME SUCKS. I love anime, so I guess I just like TORTURING myself. I want to watch a frickin fluff yaoi now where nobody dies. Ugh.

Lol. I suck. Who's gonna read this. I'm gonna draw now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The yaoi goddess smiles again.

That's me, the yaoi goddess! . . . Yeah, whatever, I know. *eye roll*

EITHER WAY I have allowed a new pairing into the light of... my greatness. KaworuxShinji, from Evangelion! Even though Kaworu dies during the episode he's introduced in. x_X Cute or no, that pairing is without a doubt the most disapointing yaoi OF ALL TIME. XD

See how cuuuute?

I'm totally spazzed out and it's, like, ten thirty at night. This is bad. x_X Oh, btw, if you happen to know what evangelion is and want to be convinced of this pairing, or whatnot, read this rant. Here. Right here.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Just noticed that my last post was my 100th post. I should write a book. "How to loose every reader to your blog in 100 posts".

Step 1. Post nothing but rants, crappy drawings, and photo manips. Speaking of the latter...

It's called; Taken Back by Nature. All stock photos came from this site.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Pokemon yaoi makes me laugh so hard I cry out my nose.

OMG BROCK/JAMES NOOO. roflmaomfgwtfbbq.

EDIT: I forgot, there's important stuff too. Actually, not important, just slightly less stupid. Haley's wife wasn't at school today so she talked to me. XD It's pretty sad that I'm the back-up friend, but I don't take any personal offence. I found out that the girl with the bleached hair that I goth/cartoonified in this drawing;

is named Ashley. She's actually sort of preppy but her hair and eyeliner is so cool. I can't even talk to her, I'm so shy. x_X Lol. Anyways, I stole her appearence for a drawing, I hope she never finds out. XD Oh, and I drew realism. :SHOCKDIE: It's fricking UGLY though so try not to let your eyes bleed on your keyboard.

Radically different stock image that I copied the lineart from is here.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I'm so sickly. x_X

I spent half of yesterday throwing up and eating popsicles. XD Luckily, I feel a ton better today. It's like I'd never been sick at all. Still, I feel like I'm walking on a tightrope. I do NOT want to feel like that again.

Lookit what I drew on a piece of cardboard, a couple days ago. I think it might be Yago, from Remnants(by KA Applegate). :3

Btw, I doubt my uncle Dean is reading this, but if he is, I'm sorry I haven't emailed you back. ;_; Typing long messages is hard and I'm lazy and now I've taken longer to reply than you. XD

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

King of the Rain

For a yaoi art contest of Sheezyart I drew this. :3 It was going to be my characters, Jay and Twiggy, but Twiggy is too short and neither of them look grungey enough. XD So they're random contraty characters. The challenge was to draw a picture with only two colors, one for each character. I hope I win. (That stuff about winning not mattering is bullpoop. Lol)