Thursday, July 13, 2006

The lazies.

I had a case of the lazies today. I came from from Summer School intending to do the dragon picture, but I scanned another picture instead, was going to color it, but then I got distracted and watched a cartoon I downloaded on Limewire. (it was Clerks btw. C:) Eventually I colored the picture I scanned though. And here it is. And also here are some other pictures I drew.

I wish I could undo that last one. I mean, take back all the frickin hours I spent on it. The person I drew it for ignored me for three days and when she finally commented on it, she was sort of but not really enthusiastic. And I was like... "Um, you're welcome. ....Also eff you in the a...." I don't think I'll draw anything for her again, because she's really sucky.


Blogger TeenageHermit said...

Aw that sucks. I hate when you do stuff for people and they're all like "Oh....great...". Like it wasn't even worth it, or like me doing it was a huge big deal only to me. Not them. Oh well..

I like you pictures. They look awesome, as usual.

6:08 PM  

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