Friday, August 04, 2006



Lols. I say that tv show last night... it was really funny and awesome. I want to draw Creature, and Feedback, and... who was that one guy? Major Victory? I mean the guy who was really funny because he exagerated everything like a superhero. He say that crying little girl looking for her mother, and he said, WHO IS THIS LITTLE GIRLS MOTHER? Then he saw the office sign and to take her there, he's like, "Here, jump into my arms." It was hilarious. XD

My and my mom was sooooo happy to see Iron whatever get booted. The twist at the end was crazy awesome too though. =x

Ner nernern ner STEREOACTIVE! Lol it's me. As a superhero.

LOOOOL. Somebody commented on my blog to tell me
The new season of Noah's Arc premieres on Logo on August 9th! And they will sneak preview the first episode on the logo website on Tuesday, August 8th- same day the dvd box set of season 1 hits stores.
So tune in!!!"

..... yeah. Yeah, actually I am going to watch it. XD I'm such a dork. I thought I would maybe let it go to save face but, if somebody took a few seconds out of their day to tell me this, I think I will watch it. Lol.


Blogger TeenageHermit said...

I've seen that show.The superhero one. That major victory guy kinda scares me. And I'm really happy that cell phone girl got booted, I never really understood what her super power was...

Nice lookin superhero there. What's your powers?

11:41 AM  

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