Friday, January 13, 2006

Cute dolls!

I found somebody on Deviantart who makes the cutest little dolls. Here's her galley.

Art Thingies.

Comic numbah one of the series I've started with Antinon.
Really bright Candi.
Armand and Denis. Me and Antinon want to come up with a really good fanfic that might explain why Denis could still be alive. We love Denis. T_T <3

Also, Antinin drew Mel, the other character in the comic who hasn't been introduced yet.

And apperantly Kiminess, this idol of mine who draws in a very anime/shota style and seems to prefer qauntity over quality(<3), says that she MADE, past tense, an icon for me. She's going to email it to me. I dont know her personally, I just happened to comment on her gallery while she was in an icon making mood. Now, I dont know whether to die from joy because it's by Kiminess or worry about what it is... because it's by Kiminess. Kiminess, recently banned from DA for the second time. Kiminess, that Amanda is afraid of.

That Kiminess. <3

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Goodwill Adventures

Secondhand stuff is the best. I like buying a bunch of cheap, random clothes and seeing how well I can wear them. Today I got a bunch of skirts, a couple blouses, two aphgan sweaters(sp?), cute hair ties, a belt, a scarf, a Billy Joel and Elton John tour shirt, a cherry purse, and a My Little Pony.

Me in some of mentioned clothes; [link]

Tour shirt <3 [link]

Pony and purse [link]

The pony is now named Brietta. The moment I got home and my nine year old borther Max found her, he brought her to me and said, "She is so CUTE!" So I asked him for a name idea, and he said Brietta. I'm not crazy about the name but his enthusiasm was so adorable I had to use it. x3

Ooooh. Things I forgot to say about Goodwill;

1) I saw this strange, badly draw dvd cover. It's for an animated movie called Black Arrow and it's the scariest. thing. ever. Here's the cover! [link] I wanted to buy it so bad to see what was up with lipstick man, but it was three bucks. I thought maybe long haired lipstick man was actually a girl and somebody drew a gotee on him but, nope, nope, plastic wrapper not removed. But THEN, when looking online, I found another version of the cover. No facial hair. wtf? [link] And Antinon pointed out that in the second cover, 'Black' is spelled wrong and the lion logos are missing. o_O

2) Me and my mom were poking around the toy section and we found a nekked GI Joe. My mom snorted and I was like o_O What? so she dragged me away from my brothers, still with the GI Joe, and said, "Look at his hand." I looked. It was posed like he was about to do something with it that we don't talk about in polite company. I laughed so hard I nearly collapsed on the floor in the toy section of Goodwill. LMAO

I drew stuff!
[Jaden and Cory]
[Jaden, Cory and Candi]

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Life is Good.

My best internet buddy Antinon did the sweetest thing for me. For awhile we've been joking around with the idea of My Little Pony yaoi and I've been begging her to draw it. Well... [WARNING! So cutesy it will blow you mind. Okay, click now.] It's my unbirthday present from her. Oh how I adore that girl. We've decided that we're long last twins who're joined at the mind. (even though she's way older than me. Details aren't important!

Speaking of friends, Caitlyn emailed me again. She says that she's into anime and manga, she listens to rock and any other songs that sounds good, she loves magic and vampires, and she wears black. She has a crude sense of humor and likes shows like the Boondocks. How creepy is it that even though we'd been apart for... what, five years? We're still SO MUCH alike.

As for art, I did some of that. [The Collector] Also, I drew eyes for the 100 theme challenge. I've decided to do one themem a day until I finish it, so I'll get in the Hall of Fame and get lots of page views. x3

(I'm so afraid of Korn. I mean, I'm listening to it on my headphones and literally trying to shy away from it like a frightened horse. Anyone else get this? o_O)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Dreadlock Cake

I <3 doing crazy stuff for my friends. This is for my friend Haley's belated belated birthday, and for all my friends in the Hallway of Doom for xmas. It's a cake with a picture of her crush and stalk-ee, Kyle Walker. He's this polite stoner with crazy dreadlocks that he made by running glue through his hair in eight grade that goes to our school.

[A pic of the pic on the cake]
[A pic of the cake]

It was an issue of pride. I said I would bring the cake and I shall deliver! ^___^

My Frame of Mind

I gave in and I downloaded the free trial of OpenCanvas 4 on my new computer. That was all the delayed gratification I could take, thankyouverymuch. I spent all of yesterday on [this] drawing, which is a re-attempt at a [drawing] from September. I... think I've improved. o_o

Antinon was nowhere to be found yesterday. I've grown so dependent on her that if she's not on the 'net for a day I get very lonely. T_T

Oh my God. English project. School tomorrow. I couldn't fall asleep until three last night and I'm so exhausted that it's like some kind of comfort drug. I could pass out right here. Well, the project is about Taming of the Shrew, which I'm begining to find hilarious despiter myself. So... maybe there will be TotS art from me soon. ^_^;

Sunday, January 01, 2006


I know nobody reads this blog and all 0% of you watch Noah's Arc, but let me just say... SADNESS ABOUND. Last episode I saw (which may not be the most recent one, I'm not keeping up very well) everyone broke up, except for Eddie and Chance, but Eddie is in the ER on his wedding day. And Ricky made me cry my silly little fangirl eyes out and download the song that kept playing in the backgroung, 'Closer'(no, not the cool Closer by NIN, I mean the stupid sad one). I'm addicted to that bloody song now and I've been listening to it for THREE HOURS.

Any-frickin-ways. Merry New Years.
Sesshomorou for Antinon; [wh00t! grainy pencils]
Younger T-Daimon for Dragoone; [<3]

I gave him wings, and then he said that that wouldn't be good because pyromancers would catch their wings on fire during battle wtfomgoops. >____>;;