Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Because I update too much.

Can't finish my picture, because the file is on strike. I can change layers and zoom in and stuff but it will not let me put a mark on it. I've tried everything. I just have to hope it goes back to normal later, but I'm not hoping too hard, because I drew better stuff today at school.

A nice guy named Tim commented on my blog. His blog is here, and somehow I suspect that he's my older, more responsible kindred spirit. Like me once I've worked out my strange obsessions and phases, like my yaoi-complex. (don't ask, don't ask.)

The rest of this post it retarded, and only a fun read if you a) like yaoi or b) apreciate girly men characters or c) are my mom, in which case you have every right to read on because I may stupidly refer to it later and expect you to magically know what I'm talking about.

I made a character. He's my yaoi muse, like Korone's Salomon. (who is man enough to wear reallyreally short skirts!) His name is Yellow (based on my secretname. Shoosh, you don't know about it! o_O) He has tatoos on his face that say yaoi, one going up on the left side of his face and one going down on the right side. He has purple/silver hair (most of the time) and wears lots of black kitty faces, on hairclips and purses and earings and things. Black cat obsession based on my friend Amanda.

He has a new style every week, which often comes with a new boyfriend. Nobody actually knows his origional haircolor, not even himself. He has new names for himself quite often. Not even his strait best friend, Ryo, knows his true name. Most people call him Yellow unless otherwise instructed. He likes looking like a girl, but doesn't want to be one. He's like Gackt, the androgynous Japanese popstar with the legions of drooling fangirls. Except that Yellow's not a popstar, and he has fanBOYS.

I will scan him later. I adore him, although all my friends could care less. Except maybe for Haley who I love because she's the only one who's degraded enough to see eye to eye with me. We have vague discussions about Interview with a Vampire using fancy Japanese words so that out other friends can only speculate.

Although that's not giving my other friends credit. Hannah is crazy fun, because today she brought a yaoi roleplay or something to school which she gave to my me and Haley and Alisha. A dead silence falls over us as we huddle around, passing papers around and reading over eachother's shoulders. Amanda, pinapple that she is, (brunette on the outside, blonde on the inside, but we love her) hovered around us and trying to read it.

So finally we finish and I go, "Hannah, just give it to her." So she hands it to Amanda, who sits down and promptly proceeds to READ IT OUT LOUD. A bunch of kids and a teacher walk into the hallway where we hang out and we all basically tackle Amanda, snatch the papers out of her hands, and try to ignore the way the strangers were staring us. And then Amanda goes, "I don't get it. Which one was a girl?" and other comments that literally had Hannah and me and Haley rolling on the floor laughing. More strange looks from random people.

Priceless. I wish I could stay right there in that hallway with my friends forever.

OMG. Midnight discoveries...

...sounds like a bad porn title, but is really what I just realized about art. I was drawing this guy on OpenCanvas, and for no reason I decided to add a little purple around the eyes, makeup or something. And it looked nice. So I added some random purple to the arm. And it was good. So I splotched purple everywhere for shading, and added more colors, and made things darker and changed hues wildly (which I usally NEVER do) and then made two realizations.

a) Contrast and different colors for blending is good, and I will never color the same way.
b) It was one am. Another late night. -sigh-

By the way, my mum bought be Fruits as an early Christmas pressie. It's a glossy picture book that is completely made up of photographs of Japanese peple in crazy awsome clothes. Poeple who's outfits are unique, fashionable, or just homemade are featured. It's fantastic refference for poses, names, oufits(of course!) and hair.

Okay, gotta sleep now. More to post tomorrow. 'night, all.

Monday, November 28, 2005

"Pros and Cons of Being Robbie", Chapter One

Okay, everybody! The REAL start of my Robbie and Jack story. The story is really about Robbie, actually, and it's called "Pros and Cons of Being Robbie". Is the title too long, do you think? I intend to have an explanation for it later in the story.

I think this chapter came out quite well. I eventually realized the reason my other attemps at this story (which I didn't post, because they didn't come out well) failed. I wrote too much about Jack, and when writing from a child's point of view it's important to not have other characters take a a major role consistantly, because you loose the self-centered child veiwpoint. That being said, I needed to reread "Ramona and Beezus" to safely get through the later chapters, where Jack will need to play a major role.

I'm taking all my insperation and assistance from the Ramona books, by Beverly Cleary. I've always loved those books and I've collected all of them, so this project is really fun.


"Pros and Cons of Being Robbie"
by Carmen Aistrup
Chapter 1: The Umbrella

Robbie didn't like the rain and he didn't like walking to school. He listened to the tapping of rain on the kitchen window monday morning and concluded that it was an omen that he would have a very bad day.

He stalled for time, stirring his oatmeal (plain oatmeal, not even the cinnamon flavored kind. Another bad omen.) for much longer than he needed to cool it off. He willed himself to come down with a sudden cold so he could stay home from school. Robbie liked staying home sick, when he could watch cartoons and eat soup all day, and his mom stayed him from work with him.

"Hurry up, Robbie. You have to go in five minutes," his mom reminded him.

Robbie sighed and ate his oatmeal as slowly as he could. It was flavorless and mushy, but he knew that if he didn't eat it he would get hungry later and then he would be sorry.

It was time to go before he knew it. He trudged to the door, drawing out every step as long as he could.

"Wait!" his mom called, and Robbie's hopes soared. They fell and crashed, though, when his mom simple handed him a bulky pink and yellow object. Robbie mentaly pictured his hopes crashing into a window like a bird.

"Huh?" he said dully.

His mom sighed and snatched it from him. Robbie didn't like that, it made him feel like a little kid who didn't know anything. She clicked a button on the handle and pushed up. An umbrella bloomed from the bundle of loose fabric and flexible poles.

"An umbrella?" he asked.

"Of course! I bought it last week. I wouldn't let you go out in this weather without one. Now, scoot," his mother said, all but pushing him out the door. Robbie stood on the doormat in the rain, safe and dry under his umbrella. He liked the sound the rain made when it hit the fabric. Patpatpatpat. Robbie smiled.

He enjoyed the walk to school. It wasn't very cold, especially since he was nice and dry. He began to doubt that the rain had really been a bad omen after all. He twirled the umbrella and looked up, hypnotised by the way the wires were spinning and twisting with silver light.

As he get to the school he twirled the umbrella faster, because he wanted everybody to see how lucky he was. To Robbie's dismay, however, several other kids also had umbrellas. He didn't like them taking away from his glory.

"Robbie's a girl! He has a girl umbrella!" shouted Tod from acrooss the schoolyard.

Tod was usually one of Robbie's friends, but he loved to tease people. Kids that Robbie didn't even know began to laugh at him. Robbie blushed furiously.

"It is not!" He took it down to eye level and inspected it suspiciously. It was pink, with little yellow ducks around the border. It was a girl umbrella, but he would never be the one to admit it.

"It is! Robbie's a girl! He has cooties! Better run!" Tod yelled.

Robbie knew knew that eight year olds were far too old to be saying that people have cooties, but of course the other kids couldn't resist joining in the fun. As Robbie neared the school building, the children ahead of him ran, shrieking, "Cooties! Cooties!" Robbie tried to ignore them, but it was hard.

The door was open, because Mrs. Crowden never made them line up outside in the rain. Robbie went inside and stuffed his backpack into his cubby by the door. He realized, suddenly, that he didn't know how to close his umbrella. He went and sat in his seat, setting the umbrella on the floor beside him.

The classroom began to fill up and the girl who sat in front of Robbie turned around. "You know," she said, "It's bad lcuk to have an open umbrella inside."

"I don't believe in bad luck," said Robbie to save dignity, but really he did, and he was worried. Was it seven years of bad luck, like breaking a mirror? Seven years seemed like an impossibly long time to Robbie.

"I don't care if you get bad luck, but don't say I didn't warn you." She turned around and nobody said anything else to Robbie until the bell rang.

"Merry monday, everybody!" Mrs. Crowden greeted them.

A few people muttered back, Merry monday, but the girl who sat in front of Robbie spoke up. "It's only merry for Christmas," she said. Know-it-all, thought Robbie.

"Well, maybe you're right, Jenny. But merry means 'happy', so I think that sounds about right. Happy monday?"

Jenny nodded agreeably. Robbie was tired. The warm air of the classroom was comfortable and he started nodding off, his chin dropping to his chest and then back up quickly, only to repeat itself. He was always sleepy on Mondays.

"Robbie?" Robby's eyes snapped open and his head jerked up.

"Would you please close your umbrella and put it away? It's blocking the aisle," Mrs. Crowden said.

"Oh," said Robbie. He leaned over and fumbled with the umbrella. After nearly half a minute of fiddling with it and getting frustrated he sat up and mumbled, "I can't."

"What was that?" Mrs. Crowden prompted.

Robbie took a deep breath. "I don't know how to close it."

The entire class erupted into laughter. Robbie wished that he could just crawl into his desk and disapear, like it could turn into a tunnel to his house. He wondered if he would get in trouble if he just walked right out the door and went home.

But then he would be a cowardly little kid, hiding under a girl umbrella. Tears of self pity stung his eyes. Why did his stupid mom have to give him that umbrella? Robbie would have rather walked in the rain if he had known this was going to happen.

Jenny got out of her seat and grabbed the umbrella. She snapped it shut with a sharp little 'click' and a muffled sounding 'whoomph'. She handed it back to him with a look of distaste.

"Thanks alot, Robbie," she whispered sarcastically, "Now I'm going to have bad luck too."

Robbie bristled, too proud to apologise or even thank her. He took the umbrella to the cubbies and shoved it in. As he made his way back to his seat he could feel everyone's eyes on him. A painful lump had grown in his throat.

"Thank you, Jenny," said Mrs. Crowden, who then looked at Robbie like she was disapointed that he hadn't said it first. Robbie sat down and stared glumly at his desk.

The day seemed to go very slowly to Robbie. It seemed to him that everywhere he looked, someone was whispering or pointing at him and giggling. They had indoor recess that day because the raining hadn't stopped.

Instead of playing with Troy and Tod like he usually did, Robbie very quietly read a book at his desk. He hoped that maybe Mrs. Crowden would notice that he wasn't being rowdy and noisy, and forgive him for not thanking Jenny. Mrs. Crowden was the nicest teacher he'd ever had, he didn't like not being on good terms with her. She didn't seem to notice, though.

The day dragged on until the last bell finally rung. The class stampeded to the cubbies and out the door. Robbie grabbed his backpack and umbrella with a sick feeling in his gut and left the room. Tod was standing outside, waiting like a vulture.

"Girly girl! Girly girl!" he taunted. Robbie could easilly imagine Tod as a vulture, crowing insults while circling the highway. He smiled at the thought. Nobody else joined Tod in teasing Robbie, apparently they'd had enough of that for the day.

The rain had stopped just before school let out, and everything was sparkling. Robbie was in no mood to yell at Tod, so he ignored him and walked across the schoolyard. As he made his way to the gate he tried to hide the awful umbrella behind his backpack.

He was pleasantly surprised when he reached the gate. Jack stood by the fence, head down, hands dug deep into the pockets of his oversized sweatshirt. Robbie grinned.

All the heartbreaks of the day were forgotten as Robbie ran to meet his best friend. "Jack! What are you doing here?" he yelled.

Jack looked up and returned Robbie's grin. "I finished all my work early," he said, "So my mom said I could come meet you."

Jack was homeschooled. Robbie thought that he would not like to be homeschooled, stuck in his boring house all day. It would be like endless homework. Anyways, he would miss the school lunches, especially the chicken nuggets.

"Cool," he said as he caught up to Jack. Jack saw the umbrella almost right away and grabbed it before Robbie could stop him. He fiddled with it for a moment beofre snapping it open. He looked it over and held it up.

"Nice umbrella. Did your mom buy it?" Jack asked, and Robbie nodded. Robbie looked behind him, worried that Tod would see.

"You can close it now, you know. It's not raining," Robbie said, trying to get Jack to shut it before anyone saw.

"I like it. Can we just walk to my house with it open, please?"

Robbie took one look at Jack's pleading face and couldn't say no. It wasn't like the teasing could get any worse, anyways. "Okay," he said, "But we have to close it before we go inside. It's bad luck to have an umbrella open inside."

"Oh, I know that," said Jack. He held the umbrella above his head with one and and grabbed Robbie's hand with the other.

As they walked home, talking about nothing important, Robbie barely even thought about how silly they looked.

-fangirl battle cry-

Dany and Dany's fanlisting just put out these cute little pixel dolls of D&D's characters.

I used to dislike these guys, but their angst has grown on me.
doll by Dany&

doll by Dany&

Armand! When the rest of their vamp chronicles ones are up and the Lestat doll is less stupid, I'll post them too.
doll by Dany&

And these cute little buggers, who look just like Lestat, Louis, Marius and Armand, but aren't really. They're form Dany and Dany's humor manga, Wishing for the Moon, which I may not read, due to minorness. -angsy expression of unfairness-
doll by Dany&

doll by Dany&

doll by Dany&

doll by Dany&

Fame and Fortune

Well, maybe not fortune. But my goal in life it to be well known enough that someone, somewhere, will say to another person, "Hey, have you seen that anime, Victory Song?" and the other one will say, "Oh, yes, but only the first three episodes," and the other will say, "Oh, alright, I'll lend to discs two and three!" And I will cry tears of joy as I watch them through my imaginary crystal ball.

I want Tyler Bane to have legions of slobbering fangirls, I want people to cry for Benji as his horrible past is revealed by flashback, I want Robbie to be the new Ramona, I want, I want, I want. I want people to write fanfiction, horrible fanfiction, where Jamie dies and Theo gets depressed and falls in love with some random male prositute and I will laugh and cry because some sadistic part of me has always wanted to do that to them. I need people to pay me fifty dollars per commission, one character digital colored on a plain background. I want twenty for a full body sketch, ten for a head shot. I want to be hired by Yaoi Press.

I want to be famous in the Y Gallery, and then so famous I can leave that horrible site in the dust. I want to found an exclusive yaoi gallery for only the artist's I admit, serious artists with real skill, because I'll have real skill. And then I'll write a manga series, a really famous manga series, better than Gravitation. I'll make a anime movie called Beautiful Souls and people will cry in the theater. I will do all this only in my dreams, but I really truely think... I cn get that much for commisions. Someday.

My realistic list of goals?
*Make someone cry while reading something I wrote.
*Make someone laugh while reading something I wrote.
*Get fifty dollars for a commision.
*Get twenty dollars for a full body sketch commision.
*Have a fan so loyal she'll send me a ragdoll of one of my characters. x3

These are my dreams.

EDIT: On another note, I'm addicted to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I do mean the new one. Both me and my mom had some doubts about it (she flat out refused to watch it, until near the end) but it was amazingly good. I mean, amazingly. Even my mom agrees. Although earlier she asked me if I was doing pot because I accidently called it 'Willie Wonka and the Charlie' and shortly afterwards mistook the word 'antelope' for the word 'androgenous'.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

It knows me.

Red hook, Brooklyn to be more precise.

You Belong in New York City

You're an energetic, ambitious woman.
And only NYC is fast enough for you.
Maybe you'll set yourself up with a killer career
Or simply take in all the city has to offer.

Spread the Love!

One of my favorite artists on Deviantart, whom I've known since the got an account there, is so very nice to me. She made whole journal post to advertise me, and gave me lots of lovely comments with CRITIQUE! She's so sweet, she gave me critique! ^_^ Go to her gallery and give her nice little comments like she caused other people to give me. [Silver-Winged-Demon]

Since people are giving out love today, I'd like to pass it on. Firstly, Zeda whom I've loved for such a long time, and I once made a ragdoll for. She deserves fame. Also, Spiritwolf77. I studied her drawings for hours and hours to learn to draw anthros like her, and although I'm hardly half her skill level, I'd like to think I've learned a lot from her.

And Sora Lover (because I dont know her real name and... well.. she loves Sora!) and Tessadafox, two nice people who commented on my pictures.

I want everyone who reads this to spread the love, and dedicate a post on your blog or website to someone who's artwork you enjoy and want other people to enjoy as well. Get blogging!

Friday, November 25, 2005

I draw too much post.

Aaaaand... four hours later... [worst thing I've ever drawn]

Mediocre at best picture of my veryvery old character, Tailowallow. [Whee, Spiritwolf77 ripoff style!]
On the bright side, my version of mediocre 2 and a half moths ago... [OMG XDDDD]

PSP8? Is that some kind of laundy detergent?

I just downloaded the free trial of opencanvas 4 and it is AMAZING! I was coloring the eyes with a light green, and I was like, "WTF?! >_< Why is it dark green?" And then I slowly realized that it was blending. I love it. I drew a kitsune guy, but it looks bad, because I suck. But with the aid of my precious, I will improve! BTW, the title of this post is because of the inferiority of my old program Paint Shop Pro 8.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I Love Anne Rice

I emailed Anne Rice and she replied. The very next day. O_O I asked her if she was ever going to bring Louis back, and my answer gives little hope. Actually, no hope. But I'm very happy for her, anyways. She's a great person.

"I write only about Christ the Lord now. My return to faith has been a
joyous thing, and a hard thing to describe to anyone who, like me in
the past, can't imagine the sheer beauty of conversion. The characters
of the chronicles are dear to my heart because they are emblems of my
long search for God, when all I could cling to was the beauty of life,
the laws of the Savage Garden as Lestat called them. But I am home now
and I want to bring to life Jesus Christ for my readers. That's all I do
now. I'm one of those glaze eyed converts one meets. It's sublime.
Take care, Anne."

I told her I was very glad for her, and on a sidenote, asked if she might lift the ban on Vampire Chronicles fanfictions now that she wasn't going to write about them anymore. I have more to ask her but I forgot, so I guess I'll have to wait until she replies. By the way, I'm in a permanent fit of glee because th album Pretty Hate Machine by NIN is back on Napster. YEE!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Personality Generator

I found the most awsome site ever to assist in creating Robbie and Jack. It's a character generator, and I wont explain how it works, because that's explained on the site. It's for characters you know you need but don't have any strong ideas for. I used it for Robbie and Jack, and I came out with these results, some changed to fit a few of my preset ideas for them.

Jack Phillips

Altruist - A character with this trait has an unselfish interest in the welfare of others. Beyond merely caring for other people this character would hold the welfare of others above his own interests as a principle. (Jack's mother, though not strict in any way, always bemanded that he treat others how he would want to be treated. Jack wants to be treated like his mom treats him, and she's so generous and loving that he couldn't help but pick up on some of it.)

Genial - Cheerful and kindly, your character is most gracious to others and a very friendly sort. (After Jack got past his terrible twos, he realized that being nice was much easier than being mean, because if you're not going to get what you want either way, it's better not to waste a buch of time being mean.)

Impetuous - Impulsive in nature. Your character may make rash and emotional decisions. Your the girl who sees the lever and pulls it while saying, "What's this do?" (It seems that everyone in the world says, "follow your heart" and Jack has yet to experience the kind of heartbreak that comes from it, so he's all for the idea.)

Meticulous - Extremely careful in attending to details. Your character wants things done right and usually wants it done right the first time. Measure twice (or five times) and cut once is her motto. (Jack's mother also says, "If you're going to do something, do it right or not at all.")

Clumsy - A clumsy character may be described as accident prone. The character will trip over, bump into, and drop things (Jack's a quick little boy, and his mind often runs ahead of his body, causing him to take two steps back before he can take one step forward.) [On another note, soemtimes people think he's slow because he takes a moment to reply, but really he's so fast that he has to take a step back to deal with you.]

Food Fetish- There is one particular food item your character can just not pass up. Be it chocolate, tarts or even spicy sausages. He might take silly risks or go miles out of his way to procure a fresh backed tart. Your character probably tends toward other addictive behaviours as well. (As a baby, Jack's mom would always give him frozen chocolate bars to gnaw on with his baby teeth to keep him happy and occupies, so now he has a chocolate addiction)

Musically Inclined- Your character has a love of music and at least some ability to back it up. Though, it may require training in the skill to get there. She may prefer singing to an instrument. (When nothing else is being said, Jack sings. Like other people hum and whistle, he sings entire songs he's heard on the radio, and he memorizes songs extremely fast.)

Robert Harper

Rapscallion - Your character is a little rascal, a little rogue and a little ne'er-do-well. He's likely to be very charismatic and maybe even playful and mischievious. (When his father was alive he would teach Robbie practical jokes and such, and now he's keeping up the tradition because he never wants top forget.)

Rover- Your character has a touch of the wanderlust. He never likes to stay too long in one place and is much happier out on the open road living where ever he happens to stop rather than settled down in a home of his own. (Completely adventurous, the further away from home an adventure takes him the better. The bigger the risk, the bigger the thrill. Unfortunately he was not blessed with any sense of navigation at all, so Jack sees that it's Robbie's duty to plunge recklessly into the unknown, it's his duty to remember were the exit sign is.)

Impudent - Contemptuous of others, cocky. Your character may be described as being insolent as well as impertinent. (His mother never told him off for disobeying and ignoring her, because she found it easier to just let it slide. It caught up to him and he believes that he's always right.)

Short-sighted- Your character doesn't see the far reaching affects of his actions and decisions. May have a very narrow view of situations as well since they can't seem to discern any consequences in most things. (Serious lack of time-outs)

Curious - Having a compulsive desire to investigate and learn. The unknown must be known, the confusing understood. Ifthis character hears a noise in the dark or out of sight, smells something, sees a flash of light in the woods, hears a legend or rumor, etc. they will have an urge to investigate. (Inexplicable, probably gets it from his dad. His dad was his idol)

Opinionated- Arguing with your character is like arguing with a brick wall. Your character is set in his ways and will happily try to convince everyone of the veracity of his point of view. You probably enjoy arguing and may not realize how frustrated others are with you. (He's a little brat. what can i say? This isn't to say he's prejiduced, though. Being un-prejiduced is one thing his mother always insisted on, but if people have contradicting opinions, Robbie will latch onto one of them and not let go for anything.)

Remembrance Item- A special item that your character treasures and always has near him, or perhaps keeps it underlock and key in his home or vault. Its a reminder of some past event that left a mark on your characters life. It might be the personal possession of a dead friend or parent; some token from a lost love; perhaps a flower from the garden of the women you loved who married another when you chose a life of adventure. (He has his father's fishing hat. His dad used to be a great fisherman, anything form the river to the sea, and he'd even gone shark fishing a few times. he used to take Robbie on his more tame fishing trips and promised to take him fishing on a boat in the ocean one day.)

'I don't post enough' post

Truth be told I forgot about this blog for a little while. I realize I have to post something but I've been lazy and hanging out with friends the last week or so(and making Queersville on the Sims 2, but that's a different story.) and I don't have anything to show. I will, however, say that I've finally watched all thirteen episodes of Gravitation, in Japanese, with English Subtitles. I don't want to give away they end but... poor Yuki. No wonder he's so cold. T_T Oddly, though, I predicted it three episodes early. I know the signs. I know the signs! Okay, I'm chill now. And, you know, I think I have a deep rooted desire to see The Velocity of Gary again, that crappy one star movie that I caught on Logo awhile back. Because... of this qoute!

"Gary dreams about kissing someone so hard his mouth hurts. He dreams about kissing someone so soft his heart hurts, so long his neck hurts, so deep his throat hurts. Gary dreams about kissing someone so completely that nothing hurts." -The Velocity of Gary

I <3 it too peices.

And... I did write something, but I totally forgot. So, I either post this, or the BS story (actualy stands for 'Beautiful Souls' but it can go a couple ways) and believe me you'd be begging for this one if I gave you the other. Alright! I don't think there are any fatal flaws in this, except that it's in the wrong POV for the rest of the story, so i'll rewrite it eventually. -cowers from helpful critique like the pansy that I am-


"Mrs. Phillips, I'm asking you for permission to marry your son."

Betty Phillips finished fastening a blouse to the clothesline and looked down. A very serious little boy's face stared back up at her, big green eyes with a smattering of freckles between them. A bandaid was stuck inexpertly on his forhead and his cropped red hair stuck up wildly, mostly on the left. Betty was tempted to smile, but she didn't want him to think she was laughing at him.

"Well, Robbie, you seem a little young for marriage. Do you know what marriage means?" she replied, just as seriously as he adressed her.

He shuffled his feet and appeared to think about it for a moment. "Yes, ma'am. It means I will love Jack all my life, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, 'till death do we part." He looked proud about having remembered.

"Well, do you think you can do that?"

Robbie nodded.

"And you don't want to wait, and maybe marry a girl?" se inquired. She really had no idea that Robbie intended to marry her son before now, but it couldn't hurt to play along. Kids and their funny ideas, she thought and chuckled inwardly.

Robbie scruched up his nose in an expression of disgust. "Girls have cooties."

Betty finally allowed herself to laugh. "If you really want to marry my son, Robbie, I can't see any reason to stop you. You're a good boy. But you take care of him, now, you hear?"

Robbie beamed. "Don't worry, Mrs. Phillips, I will! Forever and ever!" With that he turned on his heels and darted off, his sneakers making slapping sounds on the sparse lawn. "Jack! Jack, she said okay!" she heard him say as he disapeared into her house, the screen door banging shut behind him. Betty wonders if he'll remeber his commitment for more than a week. She smiled and continued pinning wet laundry on the line.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fanfiction Connoisseur

Author's Note; Fluff about be being an grammer halk and tolerant yet picky reader. Completely true story. Absolute waste of five minutes of your time. You have been warned.


A girl sits at a computer, frantically pounding on the screen with her fist and screaming, "Commas! Why don't you Believe in commas?!" After awhile she ceases her tanrum and continues reading with a distant look on her face. Every so often she would say "Add a comma," and read on. At one point during her reading she pumped her fist into the air and shouted, "They're recovering! If I'm not mistaken, that is a comma!" she continued reading but in another moment the grin faded from her face. "Okay, grammatically that ought to be a period. On the bright side, though, they have proved that their keyboard has a comma key!"

In another ten minutes the lifeless expression drains form her face. She cringes, then smiles, then pouts, as if to test her range of emotions lest she forget how to use them. "That kind of sucked. And I didn't read the last three paragraphs, because didn't make any sense and nothing was happening. And the... commas," she says the last word ominously, as if speaking of something dreadful. A few rapid clicks of the mouse and her blank expression returns as she moves onto the next one.

Shortly, however, she makes a face of pure disgust. One would think she might be repulsed by something vulgar she was reading, but her friends will deny that to be the case. "For the love of God, woman, capitalize your i's!" She says it with the same connatation as someone scolding someone for not being properly dressed. She seems to realize this, because she says, "I sound like my teacher. You know, the way she says improper fraction like it were a personal insult." The girl looks at her lamp, then at the sleeping tabby on her bed, then back at the lamp. It looks like she can't decide who she's talking to.

"I wonder," she muses out loud, "If anyone else reads fanfiction as vocally as me?"

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cakes the Unicorn Boy

I proudly present Cakes, the unicorn boy, rip-off of Klar and Sayshama and VV's babies. [My baby, Cake] Not really a rip-off, but I got the idea of uniboys from them. I don't have much to say about Cakes, except that the other tab in the background of his picture isn't an accident. He has unusual hobbies, because Nine Inch Nails is rotting my brain.

I watched Noah's Arc today. All day I went around informing people that it was Wednesday, and every time I told my mom she said, in a wistful voice, "I know, Noah's Aaaarc is coming on." She loves to mock me. -_-; But that's okay! It was a good episode. I hate that one couple a whole lot less because him falling into the swimming pool made me laugh my butt off the couch. x3

And Ricky has... changed. O_o And Noah is a sad little uke (yaoi term) and it makes me sad, but thats okay because drama is supposed to do that. Although, that part in the begining... you, know, that one part... -tries frantically to keep this blog suitable for most ages- was hilarious. Shocked the brains out of poor Wade. I can't get any of my friends to start watching the series because nobody seems to have the channel and also everything thinks I'm completely insane. They talk about me, I know it. "Oh, yeah, Carmen is watching her gay people shows again. You know Carmen and her gay people." It saddens me. T_T

Adore Cake.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hello, my peeps.

Finished drawing of what I posted before; [Bondage guy!] Whee, I draw garbage! -giggles madly- My brain's all tuckered out. I just spent a few hours running errands with my boyfriend and his family and hanging out at his house. It doesn't seem like much, but he's a new boyfriend so I'd never seen his house before. It's small and messy, but cozy. His mom is nice. She likes apple pie with ice cream, collects Lord of the Rings stuff, sews, and does jigsaw puzzles.

I forgot about my tamagotchi and it's dying. o_o -takes care of it-

Friday, November 11, 2005

Please, Re-assure me. Please.

I have been drawing this almost all day while listening to an audiobook called "Inventing Elliot". It has nothing to do with the audiobook, although audiobooks are cool. I wholeheartedly recomend them, assuming they're unabridged.

But then my mom walks in and says, "Nice bondage character."

O_O -freeze- -shock- "Yeah, isn't he? What should I name him?"

"Bruno." And she walks away. It was a horrible name and I wouldn't use it in a million years, and I hassled her for awhile, and she came up with more names that like they should only be used for big guys, which he's not. I rather like the name Baron, although it has the same problem. I might recyle the name Damien, form one of my unfinished stories.

Aaaaaanyways. Later, my little brother Eric walks in and says, "Gawd, whoever drew that sucks. ...Oh, hey. You drew that, huh? Well, it sucks. Something about the head... just.... ughh..." And he walks away. O_O

PLEASE tell me it doesn't suck as bad as all that. I love the glittery chains and the leather but I refuse to finish it unless one person ONE PERSON will say it doesn't suck. Well, maybe not that, but if someone will just say, "Eh, it's horrible, but someone will probably like it and there's no glaring technical mistakes with the head."

Pleasepleaseplease. Or I'll cry. I've worked for hours and hours and I swear I will cry if nobody comments and tells me it's nice. SAY IT'S NICE! >_<

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Crap toast monkeys.

Wow, this picture is horrible. I cant draw worth beans. [Tyler Bane] Told you it was bad. Don't stare too long, or your eyeballs will burn.

EDIT: On the the bright side, I drew something that is slightly less crap than this. Whee! [Sabbath] And, also, Angelica is a nice person who tells me why my picture sucks so badly. Unlike some overly nice parents I know... -glower- I swear, the misplacement of his eyes is so blinding that even I should have noticed it! x_X

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sabbath's Jeans and Halter Top

Oh. My. God. I remember Zeda saying that Sabbath always gays up his clothes, and I am proud to say that I am now a believer. At my friend Hannah's insistance I decided to make him a pair of jeans and a tanktop sort of thing, something feminine but not flaming gay. Because I am lazy and didn't want to attach the back, the tanktop became a halter top with little snaps and everything. The jeans got two cutesy little patches and a black patch on the butt with letters that say... YAOI.

At one point today I accidently lopped off his tail while I was cutting some fabric. I only noticed it later and was like, "O_O This is bad. He's not a manx!" So I sewed it back on, connected by some red and black fabric. Ah well, it makes him look eclectic. lol. I <3 the yaoi patch. I want that patch. The pictures are kind of suckish. Please don't mind. And Zeda, I swear to God he looks better irl. And I also swear to God that I'm not keeping him forever. I just want to make him a dress first, for formal occasions and the like. x3

My friend Kim is gonna come over to spend the night soon, because I am lonely. T_T

Friday, November 04, 2005

More Noah's Arc

This post is pretty useless, unless you like to hear me talk about the gay channel. x3

I finaly caught up with the Noah's Arc series. (I do not mean the bible's Noah's Arc, although this confuses people greatly. It's like the creators of the series were sitting around a table and discusing what would be most embarassing for Carmen to try to explain to her poor confused friends and parents. Ebil buggers.) They had two reruns in a row of the last two episodes, and since there are only three episodes thus far and I've already seen the pilot episode, that's all there is until next Wednesday.

I love the main character, Noah, to bits. My love for him is so great that it is actualy grinding his molecules apart. He's got such a sweet face, and the clothes he wears, and just everything... ah, he's like eye candy. He's like a black Orlando Bloom. The other characters annoy me badly, but I'm getting used to them. The proffesor earned my sympathy because his husband was cheating on him and it was sad. And then he drove his car through the window. o_o It was cool.

The guy and his boyfriend who've been together for seven years and are getting bored still annoy me. I hate them with innexplicable passion, like I hate the Foo Fighters. Although, I do love to yell at them, "Oh my God, please just get killed off! Or something! I hate you with an innexplicable passion!" And then I throw something at the tv. And Ricky or whatever his name is, the one who is a sex addict and wouldn't admit it until the end of this last episode, is tolerable. I do not like his Noah-clinginess though. Stop clinging to Noah! He is Wade's now! >x Sorry, I just get so emotional about this garbage. And Wade is okay. I usualy just think of him as the guy kissing Noah. Hey look, it's Noah! -swoon-

Off topic time! It's very spazzy and random, so you can skip it if the brain of a teenager hurts you. (if anyones still reading, which I really doubt. I'm sure Noah's Arc scared them off.)

Nikki called today. She has a crush on a boy in her class named Jonathon. Aw, how cute, middle school crushes. Shhhh, don't tell her I'm talking about her like she's a kid. She'll be angry with me. o_o; When I was in school today I made a comment about how my velevety red jacket made me feel like Marius, and somebody. actually. laughed. I almost passed out from the sheer joy of somebody understanding what I was saying. I screamed, "Oh my God, Haley! You know who Marius is! Have my baby!" And so we had a ferverous discussion about how hot Lestat is. How we love out fictional characters, especially when played by Stuart Townsend. And don't tell any Vampire Chronicles fans I liked the Queen of the Damned movie. They've already threatened to scalp me for saying, "Well, Tom Cruise's wig didn't look that bad..."

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Adrian's Story?

Let's be honest, Adrian doesn't belong to me. He belongs to my niece, Nikki. But she seems insistant on NEVER giving him a background, no matter how much I beg. All I've pried from her is;

a) Adrian's personality and appearence
b) He was living at her school in Texas when she "adopted" him into her motley crew of characters
c) He once had a crush on another catboy, his best friend Hunter. He told Hunter and it freaked him out, so he acted all cool about it but really started finding excuses to stop seeing Adrian. Adrian took the hint and they slowly parted ways. It was sad. T_T

So I wrote him a background, and if Nikki doesn't like it she can put as much work as I did into making a new one. I know this sucks, but I wrote it a few months ago and let's be honest, I'm no author. I'll probably continue this and give it an actual point, and possibly bring Nikki into it as a fictional character. (won't that be interesting? I'm going to change her appearence and giving her some of my personality, though, because I'm just MEAN like that. x3 I'm creating a new character, really, so don't expect any accuracy)


Adrian had been running so long that the dull roar of the fire was becoming a sort of purring. It was a comforting noise, now that he thought about it. He knew on some level that he was just hallucinating, but he didn't want to think about that. He heard a soft whumph and realized that it had been him, falling to the floor. It was warm here, near the floor, and it didn't hurt his eyes so much.

That's because it's a fire, and the smoke is up there! I have to get out!

Adrian ignored this frantic part of his brain and sunk into his non-reality. His non-reality was more comfortable. But it was interupted by a sharp pain in his wrists. His eyes shot open and he looked for the source of the pain. "Uhn... Hunter...?"

The other neko that was trying to drag him out of the building by his wrists looked up at him sharply. His yellow eyes caught the light so fascinatingly, little dots in his eyes, like a fourth of July sparkler. Soot clung to his skin in patches, and Adrian giggled insanely, thinking that Hunter looked like a calico.

"Adrian! Get moving, you idiot! You're going to die!" Adrian's rescuer cried desperately. Adrian noticed the way the fire's glow picked out two bright streaks down Hunter's face. Tears? Adrian wasn't sure why Hunter was so upset, he was just trying to take a nap, but he couldn't make Hunter cry. After a few stumbling attempts he managed to rise to his feet.

He followed Hunter, one small step at a time. He watched the floor and admired the way the piles of soot billowed into the air when he kicked them. The walk seemed to be both a hundred years long and only a few seconds at the same time. Somehow they had gotten outside, and the cool air made Adrian's throat sting sharply for a moment. He coughed like a cat trying to dislodge a hairball.

The outside smelled like autumn, only twinged with the smell of burning wood because the breeze was blowing it the other way. Hunter led Adrian over to a group of spectators, all different species, most of whom he didn't know personally. Their faces all seemed torn between relief and concern, and worry began to tug at Adrian. He scanned the crowd, his eyes flying over the neigbors and firemen frantically. Where was his family?

He jerked around and started running back to the flames, only to be tackled by Hunter. Adrian shuddered uncontrolably, even in the stiffling heat. He began to cry, great heaving sobs nearly drowned out by the sounds of the fire. He gave up struggling and sunk to his knees. "They're in there! They're dead!"

Adrian waited for Hunter to say something to reassure him, but he said nothing, just held Adrian tightly. Adrian curled up into a shivering little ball of catboy and cryed. Hunter didn't let him go, and Adrian wondered whether it was because Hunter was trying to comfort him or if it was to prevent him from running back into the fire. What was Hunter doing here, anyways? Hunter was his best friend, but things had been different between them lately.

The thing is, as Adrian got older he started to notice that he was feeling something new for Hunter. He didn't understand it completely, but he knew that the love he had for Hunter wasn't regular old friend love anymore. He struggled with these feeling for months before he finaly told Hunter, who took it pretty well. At least, it had seemed like it at the time. Hunter had told him that it was okay, but he just didn't like Adrian that way. It seemed like they would still be friends, but then it was as if Hunter started avoiding him.

He didn't call Adrian anymore, or go to his house, and they rarely talked during school. It hurt Adrian, but what could he do? It was his own fault for having a crush on his best friend. He wished he never said anything. Right now, he dwelled on these thoughts to escape the reality of what was happening. These painfully memories were nearly soothing by comparison. He watched the flames dance without seeing them.

"Why are you here?" he asked the other neko finally.
There was a long stretch of silence. "I dunno. I guess I predicted it or something. But I don't believe in psycics and mind reading and stuff. I just wanted to say hi, so I came over. Your house was on fire and I tried to find you, and you were just laying there."

"You saved me. Thanks," said Adrian softly, trying not to cry.

"Duh! I couldn't just leave you there. That would be mean."

"I'm sorry I like you," Adrian sniffled, "Now you hate me." he felt tears sting his eyes and cursed himself for being so emotional.

"I don't hate you. You're my best friend," he paused for a second and continued, "It's just sort of hard to talk to you now, because... well, it's like I cant get it out of my head. I always know you like me and I can't just not think about it. But I'll try to forget about it. I still want to hang out with you, you know."

Adrian nodded. "It's a'right. You don't need to be my friend anymore if you don't want. Maybe just for a little while, because my family is dead." He didn't let those words register in his head. He couldn't, he knew that if he thought about it he would go insane. Hunter squeezed him tighter, in what was probably a hug. "I'll be your friend forever, okay? It'll get better. I promise."

Adrian let this console him. He was drowsy in the adrenaline backwash and he let unimportant thoughts drift across his mind lazily. They sat there like that for awhile until a firefighter approached them. Adrian looked up at the towering figure drowsily. It smelled like burned rubber.

A woman's voice wafted down to them, asking, "Which one of you kids is Adrian?"

"Me." Adrian replied weakly, straining to see the woman's face from his strange angle. The fire fighter reached down and helped him up. She was saying something to him. It was something about what was going to happen to him now, where he was going to live, all those important details. Adrian didn't listen to any of it, and stared at her blankly the entire time.

There was an ambulance waiting, just in case, but a quick inspection showed that Adrian was nearly completely unharmed. Thanks to his friend, of course. He wondered if Hunter was going to get a medal, and his picture in the newspaper. That would be so cool. They could show it off at school, and they would both be big heros. The thought made Adrian smile.

"Adrian, it's time to go," someone said, and Adrian turned towards them. It was a man holding open a car door for him. But where could they want him to go? He lived here. The smile faded from his face. He looked at the remains of his house, where several grim faced prospectors were tromping around and scanning the fallen beams. With a queasy feeling, Adrian realized that they were probably looking for his family's bodies.

He looked back at the car and made up his mind. With no warning and all he turned and bolted. He turned the corner of his street and kept moving without glancing back to see if anyone was chasing him. The sound of his widly beating heart sounded in his ears and the corners of his vision seemed a little darker. He was tired, and oxygen deprived, and he had to hide. He couldn't be taken away.

He ran towards his school.


"There's never any chicken in this soup," complained an an elf boy as he nudged the noodles around with his spork.

A catboy's ears perked up, "Yeah? Well, I heard that it's because Adrian eats all the chicken first."

"Who's Adrian?" the elf boy inquired.

"A ghost."

Twelve young faces leaned closer. They knew the makings of a good story, and chicken stealing ghosts were good story material. As a group, they began to coax the story out of the catboy, as if in some unspoken agreement. "How did he die, Jer?"

Jer basked in the attention, "Well, his house burned down one day, and his entire family died. They say that he actualy made it out, but he ran off when they tried to take him away from his house. They say they never found him, and he's probly dead by now. But everyone knows that he actually died in the fire, and he haunts the school to take revenge on everyone, 'cuz he was a geek and ev'ryone hated him."

"He's haunting us by stealing the chicken?" someone asked, elliciting several snickers and giggles from the kids.

"Laugh if you want, but it's true. Wierd stuff 's been happening ever since he died. Like, like, books in the library being found off the shelves and stuff, and food being missing from the cafateria. And the chicken."

There was a bout of whispering among the children. The story sounded a little farfetched but, and most of them were in agreement on this, it was hard to argue with the chicken. A human girl who had been silent so far looked up from her soup. He was a little older than the catboy telling the story. She said, "You mean Adrian Christianson? He was in my class a couple years back. Nobody paid much attention to him. I thought he had moved."

There was a long silence before someone tentatively ventured, "So... he's real?"

Another catboy spoke up. This one was about the same age as the girl. He had shaggy blond hair, the kind that was dishevelled, but in a cool way. "Yeah. He was my best friend. And he's not a ghost, he's alive. Maybe he lives here, I dunno. I haven't talked to him since his house burned. But he's not dead. I can just... tell."

The others looked at him in awe. Not many people were the actual best friend of a ghost, or a hobo, or whatever Adrian was. Anyways, it didn't matter because whatever else Adrian was, he was a good story. Maybe even a legend. The children where in awe. "Why don't you talk to him?"

Hunter shrugged and went back to poking at his chicken noodle soup. He wondered hazily if anyone ever got past prodding the stuff and actually ate it. "I don' know where he is, and he never talked to me. What could I do?"

That was the end of the conversation for the time, but kids came up to Hunter often in the next week with suggestions on how to contact Adrian. Write him a letter and leave it in the library("What if the librarian finds it first?"), threaten to jump off a roof unless Adrian appears and talks to him("Do I really have to jump off if he doesn't?"), my uncle has an ouiji board("I told you already, he ain't dead."). Hunter never tried any of them. He knew that if Adrian wanted to talk to him, he would just talk to him.

Although sometimes when he thought he was alone he would feel someone watching him, but when he looked around, there was nobody there. He wondered if he ought to be worried, but it wasn't really a bad feeling. It was kind of like having a gaurdian angel.

Sabbath's Jammies

^_^ I just finished Sabbath's comfy flannel jammies. They're very pink, which looks very flattering on him against all rules of design.

A couple of my friends from school just adore him. Haley wants me to make a Kyle Walker doll for her. Kyle is this stoner senior with crazy dredlocks that she has a crush on. And aside from his hair and his smell, I can see why. I'm going to make him two outfits when I make him; his regular outfit (black pants, Marylin Manson t-shirt, olive green trenchcoat) and a dress. Haley says she loves Marylin Manson in a dress and I'm guessing she'll love Kyle doll in a dress too.

She says Sabbath and Kyle should be gay lovers, but I'm not sure if Zeda(or Sabbath, or Klye, for that matter) would appreciate that. And then when my other friend Amanda heard us talking about Kyle doll, she said that she wanted a Chris doll! Chris is her crush. Am I going to be known as the crazy chick who makes voodoo dolls of people's crushes...? :x

And I missed both of their b-days, so I'd better work fast. However, I still have two more outfits I want to make for Sabby. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


My friend Kim requested that I draw her baby Lupe, Desei, from neopets, a couple weeks ago. Well, I'm not quick about requests because I'm not getting paid and nobody's making me anything in return, but I've finaly done it. It's been finished for about a weeks but I keep frogetting to upload it. I'm really ashamed, but not because it took so long. I'm ashamed because it looks like a freaking bear. -_-;;

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Most Pointless Post Ever

I was looking through my files of favorite fanart, and I found the best picture ever. It's Armand from the Vampire Chronicles. Well, I wanted to post it but I didn't want to get sued, so I tried to hunt down it's home website. Half an hour later I finally found the picture of google image search and I clicked on the website... 'lo and behold, the website was down because of overuse of bandwidth. >_>

So, I uploaded the picture onto Imageshack and I don't care if someone sues. [Sexay Armand] When I saw this I was like, "...(the three dots were while my brain was imploding out of sheer joy)Oh my God! Look at his short hair! I love it like that! Oh! His outfit! -swoon- And... and... handcuffs! IIIEEEE! -glee- (after this everything becomes and fangirlistic jumble reffering to countless fanfictions most people have never heard of, much less read)"

So, you know, there you are. Most pointless post ever. And you know what else? I love Napster. I just found Shel Silverstein. Did you know he wrote Boy Named Sue? My only regret is that the website does not have The Great Smoke Off. Once me and Nikki were listening to it on the radio while we were on the phone. We didn't intend to but it came on we both got perfectly silent, and by the end of it we were laughing so hard we hardly heard the final words.